Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where's a Gas Station?

Well, the boys and I have been on an 18 day Family Road Trip.  Our last destination, NEW YORK CITY...Before arriving to NYC, we stopped off in Philadelphia for a couple of days to take a look at the Liberty Bell and her crack, try an authentic Philly Cheese Steak and head to the CITY....

Well, since we had been on the road over two weeks the boys needed a hair cut..and I mean bad...So, I search the web to find a Philly Barber that can cut..I found a shop about 45minutes away from us and it was worth the drive....However, little did I know the route we were driving had little to no visible gas stations...As we journeyed on our way, I notice our gas hand was on E and the light was on...So, I said to myself, surely there are gas stations at almost every corner...Right???....Wrong...As we exiting off of the freeway at Lincoln Park Avenue...not a gas station in sight....Lincoln Park Avenue was the entrance to a PARK, the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  The fresh lush green trees, the winding roads...the small town feel was absolutely spectacular....However, inside I was panicing.  I was trying to admire the scenery and relax...But, the road seemed to get longer and longer with more twist and turns...I was SCARED....I should have learned something from my husband.  He would never let the gas hand go below half of a tank...But, me...NO...I like to live on the edge.....Now, here I am with one teenager and an eight year old...Thousands of miles from home and on the verge of running out of gas...this is crazy....

Then finally, I saw someone I could ask for directions to a gas station.  He said, "make a right and keep going straight."  What a relief I thought...I sure hope he's right....Well, we journeyed on about a mile and there it was...TWO BEAUTIFUL GAS STATIONS..  We had our choice to choose...Jamaal screamed, " let go to to the one with food..."  Now, that's just like him...LOL

So, we filled up our tank, grab some snacks...and headed for the barber shop...Incidently the gas station was actually in route to the shop, just about 3miles down the road.  It's funny how sometimes, we can not see what's up the road, but if we continue on the road, it will lead us to exactly what we are looking for...Haven't you found that to be true?  Now, I had directions in my hand, I asked for more directions, and the path that I was to take had everything I needed on it.  Now, that is Divine Provision. 

So, as you journey to work, to the barber shop, to school, to medical school....know this deep within....You have everything you need for the journey.  There may be times when you have to pull over to gas up, grabs some snacks or just ask for reassurance...But, every step, every question, and every motion you take is leading you to your destination...DON'T STOP! DON'T TURN AROUND! You are almost there...

NOW, I SEE...I have everything I need for this life (the scriptures confirms this belief)...All I have to do, is trust my direction, trust my Provider, trust myself and I will arrive at my destination...NOW, that is COOOOL...

PS...Christian said that was the best hair cut he ever had....The barber got down....

Do you see your GAS STATION?


  1. Now you preaching girl...yes I see my gas station. Straight up ahead....God bless you my sister. I'm on my way also. Very inspiring. Infact, I was just thinking the same things.

  2. Yes, I must say I leave your posts needing to get my "shout on", LOL!!!

  3. I just love you guys....Thanks for the reassurance...I knew that expressing myself would uplift, exhort and encourage others...That's one of my goals in life...We all will live by the fruits of our lips..May my fruit alway inspire, hope and love..Best wishes on your journey..

  4. So profound! I am glad that you all had a safe, enjoyable trip. Ironically I completed a cross-country road trip with a friend at the end of July. She was moving from Los Angeles to DC and needed help driving her car. Since I'm relaxing during these final weeks before med school I jumped at the opportunity to help. Besides, ever since Oprah and Gayle's cross-country big adventure I've thought it might be a fun thing to do :) Anyway, I saw it as a spiritual experience. I have run two marathons for the same reason. We completed our trip in 55.5 hours. We drove straight through only stopping for gas and food. We took one 5 hour nap in Joplin, MO. When I returned I told a friend that I was very nervous before the trip because I knew it would be a long journey and there's always the possibility that there could be challenges along the way (much like med school). Nevertheless, I proceeded in faith and kept on pushing. Before I knew it the journey was over. We kept on pushing and the next thing we knew we were pulling into Washington, DC. I see it as a symbol of my medical school journey. Here I stand at the beginning of a seemingly long journey, but if I am steadfast and keep "driving in faith" I will one day look up and find myself getting dressed for graduation!! God bless you as you begin the med school journey!!