Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 days and counting...Back to the Original PLAN

Okay, I came up with wonderful idea to keep our shipping of our personal belongings and cost down to a minimum, right?  Well, Im glad that I did.  I just purchased 3 extra large suitcases and began packing.  It was fun and exciting.  Im trying to make sure Jamaal has everything he needs to feel comfortable and at home.  Well, Im packing along side my oldest son, who is going off to college tomorrow.  He's taking more stuff to college than the both of us (Jamaal and I).

Anyway, my garage is a mess with all the stuff spread out everywhere.  It looks like it's going to be a momentous feat to get all this stuff in 3 suitcases. Im actually taking 5 suitcases and 3 carryons.  I hope they let me pay the extra $35 for it....It's a lot cheaper than shipping...As I began, things started clearing out pretty quickly.  All the extra stuff, is going to stay in my garage. So, I deemed a few things unnecessary for this adventure.  So, it all worked out great.  Jamaal would come out to the garage every now and then and say, "Wow, you sure have gotten a lot done."  Im glad he's able to understand what real progress is..action=accomplishment...LOL. 

We began to weigh each suitcase to make sure they were not over 50lbs with this super old scale, that should be in the trash...But, I saw it sitting there, so I thought perhaps it can give me a gauge on weight.  Well, all suitcases were running about 60lbs. How could this be?  Is the scale off or can only go up to 60lbs? To eliminate the excess weight, I decided to get two large boxes and restructure the suitcases and ship the boxes.  Well, as I began shopping around for quotes.  The shipping fees were outrageous.  For two boxes weighing about 30lbs each, it would cost approx. $800.  That is CRAZY....

So, Back to the original plan.  I am going out tomorrow and buying a shipping barrel for $65 and ship it.  The shipping barrel is about 24x24x43. So, I will be able to get all the stuff in the boxes into it and then some.  I found the cost to ship to Dominica around $145 per barrel.  Now, that is reasonable...Actually, the shipping company that Ross recommends only charges $74 per barrel, but the issue is getting the barrel to Miami from here. 

It's funny how sometimes you can plan something in your head, but once you began to put the plan into action things are different.   Is this what they call trial and error?  The things or people that you tried to incorporate into your plans, were really insignificant to you accomplishing your plan.  Or you find out that your original plan works best. Well, proven systems are in place (there's nothing new under the sun) but curiosity and the need to explore sometimes may cause you to take a path that takes a little longer than planned and/or necessary.  This is OKAY.  Because,  the beauty of it all is, you will make it to your destinantion, if you dont give up. 

As you plan you day, week, month, or LIFE, know that sometimes going BACK to THE ORIGINAL plan is okay.  Be Blessed as you move towards DESTINY...

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