Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Housing Dilemma

Can you imagine a beautiful summer vacation home in the Carribean?  I could imagine the beautiful bright colors of the decor, a nice summer breeze blowing in my hair as I sit out on my balcony drinking a refreshing drink, listening to some music and enjoying the splendor of the mesmerizing blue waters and enjoying life.  Well, that's something to look forward to, but that's not what our experience is going to be in our new apartment on Dominica.  I have decided to keep everything simple.  It's a very modest 2 bedroom apartment.  A lot of mixed matched furniture, no stainless steel appliances, but they all work.  We are not going to be there forever, just 16 months.  I know it is going to be a cultural shock for my son. But, he is a happy kid and I know he will adjust well.  So, our first semester, I'm going low key.  I've decided to keep my living expensives at a minimal until I get accustom to the atmosphere and establish a monthly budget.  Perhaps, our last semester on the island, I will reward our hard work and effort with a beach front property and live the carribean dream..LOL

We have exactly 9 days before we hit the island of Dominica and I have not received my approved lease from the housing department at Ross.  Should I panic?  Should I be concerned?  No, I dont think so...As I make the necessary arrangements, it is always important to have a contigency plan.  So, I made direct contact with the owner of the property and arranged to close out the deal once I was on the island.  She has assured me that the apartment is ours and no need to worry.  So, if Ross is behind on reveiwing leases, there is shelter for us..LOL...

I decided to take the very minimal stuff with us.  At least the first semester, we are going to be engulfed in establishing systems and exploring our new environment.  Also, I think it will be great to get out of our normal habitat and experience a different culture and different way of life and gain a great appreciation for lavish lifestyle in the US. I already know we are truly bless, now my son will be able to see first hand how blessed he is...

Sometimes in life there are times when the future seems unknown and uncertain.  But, we must always reflect on pass experiences of provision and solutions that were provided.  Worrying and stressing over details will only take away from the beautiful experience you are walking through.  I'm not going to let worry of the unknown take away this most exciting time in our lives.  This has to be one of the most pivotal events of my life and I am going to make sure Im taking in all the beauty it has to offer.  The days may be a little hectic, but at the end of the day, all is well.

How are you handling the dilemmas in your life?  Let the peace of GOD guard your heart and mind thru His Spirit.  There is nothing occuring in your life that can not be solved or will not pass.  Just take a deep breath, ask for guidance and receive the answer.  Then you must act.  The only way dilemmas make their transitions to solutions is to make a decision to act.  Do not sit back and let things happen to you, make things happen for you.  For every dilemma there are at least two solutions...BELIEVE THAT!


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