Saturday, June 27, 2009


For those of you that do not know what the MCAT is, it is an acroymn for Medical College Admission Test. It is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States and Canada. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, and writing skills in addition to knowledge of scientific concepts and principles.

For most pre-medical students it is a nightmare. For me, some of the same. Standardize exams have never been my strong suit. Although I have alway performed above average in my course work. I just recently received my results from my first attempt at scoring big. I was greatly disappointed in my score. I am going to make my second and hopefully final attempt in August.

I must admit I am studying harder this time around and getting to subject matters that I did not get to before.

Althought the MCAT is just one part of the medical school application, I am stilling going to apply this 2010 application season. I truly believe I have a very strong and competitive application besides the MCAT score. So, I know the medical school I'm most interested in attending, has a philosophy of looking at the whole applicant versus just the MCAT score.

My prayer is that my other many strong and positive attributes out shine my MCAT score and earn me an interview and ultimately a seat in the 2010 medical school class.

I solicit all your prayers that when my application is reveiwed that the admissions committee will see me a strong candidate that is worthy of an interview in spite of my MCAT score.

I have heard some very positive stories of people that are in medical school with low scores and are doing great. Right now at the score I wish to attend their is a student there that scored as low as 18 on the MCAT. I have also heard of a story of a med student that had a 2.875 GPA and a 21 on MCAT get accepted. So, I have hope!

The World's Greatest Performer...Micheal Jackson

The World's Greatest Performer...Micheal Jackson has passed away, June 25, 2009. What a great lost. I will forever remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news. I was sitting at my computer in my dining room, working on my last essay for medical school and our oldest son came running down the the stairs saying, "I did not know Micheal Jackson died today." I screamed, "WHAT????" That just could not be true. I immediately thought it was a rumor, a lie, or a publicity stunt. Surely, MJ is not gone. What's going to happen to his children? He was all they had. He was just on the verge of the biggest come back of all times.

I only pray he made is peace with himself, GOD and those that loved him the most, his family. I pray that his last days on earth were full of love, joy and peace. I pray that his children will forever remember the greatest of his craft, his loving ways towards them and most of all his enduring touch. I pray for all those that mourn his death. I know every part of the world is in mourning.

Many years ago, I had a dream that MJ passed away and the WHOLE WORLD was in mourning. The dream was so real that I woke up crying. I vigorously prayed for him that night. In now many years last, my dream has come true.

My heart was so heavy all that Thursday night. I had to pray and cry out to GOD to lift my burden down heart. And as always HE does, the burden lifted. As the night went on listening to all the news report, I was still in disbelief.

Friday night, All evening my husband and I listened to every Micheal Jackson special on television all night. Literally, we spent over 12 hrs celebrating his life by listening and watching to his brilliant music videos. I will forever love Micheal Jackson.....

Long Live the KING OF POP!
Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Research @ University of Texas Medical School @ Houston

I am so excited. I was selected by Adult Infectious Diseases to participate in the UT Medical School Summer Research Program. It's exactly what I wanted. I wanted to get first hand experience working in a research lab. Thank you LORD!

I have the coolest mentor. Dr. Lisa Armitiage. She is very friendly and helpful. My lab partner is awesome too. I am so pleased.

We are working on a project that is trying to identify 3 genes within the mycobacterium tuberculosis. I'm learning all the particulars now. It's only been one week so far.

Im one step closer to my dream......