Sunday, September 6, 2009

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Conference at UTH

What an incredible event! Yesterday, I attended the SNMA Pre-Medical Conference at my first school of choice, UT Medical Houston. It was a BLAST.

Although I am a current applicant for Fall 2010 season, I still gained a lot of great information that solidified my desires and dreams of becoming a doctor. The conference covered topics like writing your personal state, MCAT preparation, rotation through the surgical and clinical center, mock interviews with actual committee members (this was so cool), and admissions information.

One of the reasons I love UTH is they really put in a lot of time and effort to expose prospective students to their campus (my future alma mater). Everyone I've had the pleasure to meet and speak with were most helpful and uplifting. It was very easy for me to get in to speak with the Assistant Dean of Admissions, Dr. Gleason. My mentor, Dr. Armitige is always bending over backwards to point me in the right direction. And yesterday, I met even more helpful constituents: Dr. Love, Dr. Sutton, and Dr. Aisiku all appeared to be very open and geniune.

I really loved the mock interview session, because that is my next step in this process. I felt a great sense of excitement fill my heart and spirit all day. As Dr. Aisiku conducted the mock interviews, my mind was racing and I could not help but think of what key points I wanted my interviewers to know about me that they would see I was born to do this. I was destine to be a part of Fall 2010 at UTH. Well, I am expecting my offer to interview any day now......

The demonstration of how to do an orotracheal intubation was exciting. The second year students were very knowledgeble. We also were able to do mini exams on each other by listening our partners heart and lungs, eye exam, hearing exam, and otic (ear) exam. Very inspirational.

I have had a lot of real world experience, but I would say they are all second to being a doctor. The responsibility of providing adequate healthcare is the ultimate. I know I am up to the task.

Thanks SNMA for a great look into your world.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fall Semester just 24 days away...

This is it. I have two more semester left and I would be finished with my prereq classes. This semester I am taking Org Chem 1, Medical Microbiology, and A&P 1. A full load, with a lot of memorization. But, I am ready. My goal is to finish this fall semester strong, 4.0 GPA for sure.
Although this is an important focus, I must not forget my family. Hopefully, this November for my 40th birthday, my husband and I could go on a cruise. I really need to do something big for my 40th......

Also, I am retaking the MCAT on Aug 21. So, between now and then I must master this exam. I found out today that the admissions board reads every application. I am so hopeful that I would be getting an interview this interview season. You all keep me in your prayers...

Moving to the next level....

Today was my last day in the research program. I have a huge sense of euphoria. I am so proud and happy to have accomplished such a huge task. Just over a year ago, I started my journey of becoming a doctor. I went in full force and sought out avenues to explore and get a better grasp on the field of medicine. Within this last year, I have: completed 7 prereq courses with a GPA 3.62, volunteered in a hospital, volunteered with Healthcare for the Homeless, provided one on one patient care, round with mentor, 3rd year med students and residents and over 370 hours of research work with a published abstract at my first choice medical school. I am so excited. To actually see my plans unfold before me is so rewarding and fulfilling.

My most enjoyable time this summer was rounding with my mentor. There I actually got to see first hand, how new doctors assess patients, diagnois and prescribe treatments. Some very interesting cases: a young 42 year old woman with ovarian cancer, young female with sickle cell anemia, 64 year old woman with inflamed colon, patients with autoimmune diseases, thyroid cancer, bipolar disorder, etc. No two patients were the same. I love that. It keeps you on your feet, uncovering the best treatments and what's best for the patient. Totally, cool....

Next, working in the laboratory was great. I was actually doing real research work. Expressing a gene, cloning a gene. Although some tasked seemed mundaned, at the end of the program the light was shinning brightly that this is research. What a fabuluous thing to have people dedicated to finding new and improved ways of keeping us all healthy.

Healthcare is making a huge transition from treating symptoms to preventing symptoms. That's what research is all about. The more we have knowledge of how our bodies work the better treatments we can provide. Especially, with technology we are able to uncover new diagnostics, better treatments by leaps and bounds. I definitely want to be apart of the research world.....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Im so excited....

Okay, tomorrow is my last day in the UT Houston Medical School Summer Research Program. I am so thankful and grateful to have had this experience. As I looked around the room at the other participants, I realized that I am in a league all by myself. I would say the average of my peers is about 20 years old. Wow!!! This truly was a gift from GOD. Thank you Jesus.....The door has been open for me to walk through gracefully. My family and I made a huge sacrifice this summer by me attending this summer program. Our finances were slim, but we made it through. God always sees us through. Now, as I receive my certificate of particaption tomorrow, I truly have something to be proud of. I'm proud that I did not let the nay sayers stop my dream. What they saw as impossible, GOD said it is possible. All things are possible to them that believe. I believe....

Now, as I walk around the halls, interview season for 2010 has begun. My stomach gets excited. Everytime I pass the admission office, I want to run in there and scream, "Please take a look at my application carefully and send me an offer to interview. I know I will make you proud. Just say yes. All I need is one seat in the 2010 class. That's all, just one." Today , they posted at the front door the second round of interviewees, about 40 applicants. My heart pounds vigorously as I read the names and the schools they are from. The majority of the applicants were from Rice University, UT Austin, Texas A & M, one from Yale.....WOW, I thought to myself. Iam in an elite league of the cream of the crop. I have some nervous thinking I can compete with them. Well, nervous I definitely have. I know with my whole heart that none of them have the passion about life that I have, the strong will to succeed more than I. I know I am a competitive applicant. All I need is for one or two members of the admissions committee to see my worth, my potential, my infinite possibilities, and extend to me an offer to interview and I will put my best foot forward and trust in God to do the rest. The favor of God has always rested on my life. Now, in a big way, I am waiting to see His Favor, again. Not only am I looking for an invitation to interview. Im looking for an offer to attend and be apart of the entering class of 2010. That is my HOPE.....

Deep down inside I know my application is second to none, when it comes to life experience. I have overcome a lot of challenges and have dilligently applied myself to my goals. My heart bleeds charity. My inner strength is strong and I know given the opportunity I will excell. I will put in 120% or more to the cause. This is something I've been waiting for all my life. Im finally at the door. Im finally walking in it. It is most exciting....

Saturday, June 27, 2009


For those of you that do not know what the MCAT is, it is an acroymn for Medical College Admission Test. It is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States and Canada. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, and writing skills in addition to knowledge of scientific concepts and principles.

For most pre-medical students it is a nightmare. For me, some of the same. Standardize exams have never been my strong suit. Although I have alway performed above average in my course work. I just recently received my results from my first attempt at scoring big. I was greatly disappointed in my score. I am going to make my second and hopefully final attempt in August.

I must admit I am studying harder this time around and getting to subject matters that I did not get to before.

Althought the MCAT is just one part of the medical school application, I am stilling going to apply this 2010 application season. I truly believe I have a very strong and competitive application besides the MCAT score. So, I know the medical school I'm most interested in attending, has a philosophy of looking at the whole applicant versus just the MCAT score.

My prayer is that my other many strong and positive attributes out shine my MCAT score and earn me an interview and ultimately a seat in the 2010 medical school class.

I solicit all your prayers that when my application is reveiwed that the admissions committee will see me a strong candidate that is worthy of an interview in spite of my MCAT score.

I have heard some very positive stories of people that are in medical school with low scores and are doing great. Right now at the score I wish to attend their is a student there that scored as low as 18 on the MCAT. I have also heard of a story of a med student that had a 2.875 GPA and a 21 on MCAT get accepted. So, I have hope!

The World's Greatest Performer...Micheal Jackson

The World's Greatest Performer...Micheal Jackson has passed away, June 25, 2009. What a great lost. I will forever remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news. I was sitting at my computer in my dining room, working on my last essay for medical school and our oldest son came running down the the stairs saying, "I did not know Micheal Jackson died today." I screamed, "WHAT????" That just could not be true. I immediately thought it was a rumor, a lie, or a publicity stunt. Surely, MJ is not gone. What's going to happen to his children? He was all they had. He was just on the verge of the biggest come back of all times.

I only pray he made is peace with himself, GOD and those that loved him the most, his family. I pray that his last days on earth were full of love, joy and peace. I pray that his children will forever remember the greatest of his craft, his loving ways towards them and most of all his enduring touch. I pray for all those that mourn his death. I know every part of the world is in mourning.

Many years ago, I had a dream that MJ passed away and the WHOLE WORLD was in mourning. The dream was so real that I woke up crying. I vigorously prayed for him that night. In now many years last, my dream has come true.

My heart was so heavy all that Thursday night. I had to pray and cry out to GOD to lift my burden down heart. And as always HE does, the burden lifted. As the night went on listening to all the news report, I was still in disbelief.

Friday night, All evening my husband and I listened to every Micheal Jackson special on television all night. Literally, we spent over 12 hrs celebrating his life by listening and watching to his brilliant music videos. I will forever love Micheal Jackson.....

Long Live the KING OF POP!
Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Research @ University of Texas Medical School @ Houston

I am so excited. I was selected by Adult Infectious Diseases to participate in the UT Medical School Summer Research Program. It's exactly what I wanted. I wanted to get first hand experience working in a research lab. Thank you LORD!

I have the coolest mentor. Dr. Lisa Armitiage. She is very friendly and helpful. My lab partner is awesome too. I am so pleased.

We are working on a project that is trying to identify 3 genes within the mycobacterium tuberculosis. I'm learning all the particulars now. It's only been one week so far.

Im one step closer to my dream......

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am not my MCAT score...

As I left the exam facility this afternoon, those words were emanating from my being. I am a person that deeply cares about my fellow man. I am a person that has taken great strides to overcome ignorance. I am a person that has heart and determination to achieve great things. I am a person that believes, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I am a person that transcends the boundaries of my physical exterior and soars from deep within my soul with the assurances that ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD. I am me. Created in the image of my Creator, with limitless capabilities. I am a dreamer, a doer, an acheiver.

"My deepest fear is not that I am inadequate. My deepest fear is that I am powerful beyound measure. It is my light, not my darkness, that most frighten me. I ask myself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabuluous? Actually, who am I not to be? I am a child of GOD. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of GOD that is within us." Nelson Mandela

I am more than my MCAT score. I am more than my GPA. I am a woman of infinite abilities. A woman that looks to the future in hope and expectation of a better tomorrow for me and my family, my friends, and my community.

The song by India Irie, "I am not my hair" is my theme song today. I am not the exterior physical attributes you see, but I am a soul within. I am not your expectations.

I only pray that my complete application is reviewed and the admissions committee members can see who I am as a person. I am not my MCAT score...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MCAT Studying.....

Why is do much wait put on the MCAT? I really hate that....My goal is to score at least a 30. But, realistically, I have never done well on standardize exams. I have have my nose in my MCAT books, taken practice exams and am believing that on May 22, 2009, I score BIG!!!!

I have answered over 1001 questions on Organic Chemistry, 700 on Physics, 300 Biology, 400 on Chemistry and still feel like I need more help. I guess this is when faith comes in. I wish I had more time to study for the MCAT.

Tomorrow is May 22. I have to drive to Beaumont, TX, a two hour drive. And believe GOD for favor on that exam.

Although a lot of pressure is put on the MCAT, I still believe I have a very strong and competitive application. So, after speaking with the dean of admissions, he saids do not put to much pressure on myself, just do my best. They have accepted scores a lot lower than the mean of 31.

One thing I have going for me this summer is the UT Medical School Summer Research Program. I am very excited about this. It starts May 27. So, I have 5 days after the MCAT to celebrate and relax. Then, the fun really begins. I am looking forward to participating in the program. I pray I will gain insight, LOR from my lab mentor, and get to meet a few of the admissions committee members. I know life is about who you know as well.

LORD, lead me to the correct answers on the MCAT, lead me to make the right connections and proper influence while participating in the search program, govern my steps according to YOUR will for my life. I pray that I will be a huge asset to the research program and am able to make a momentus contribution to the advancement of medical solutions. Make my life impactful and my presence will change lives for the better. AMEN

Spring 2009....

Looking at the Spring schedule, it is impossible for me to take 3 classes at night with labs. The most I can take are 2. So, that's fine. That means my semester should be a bit easier, right? Wrong. Spring 2008 was hetic.

I thought I was scheduling my classes at night so that I can work during the days. But, as it turned out my husband needed me more. He had doctors appointments sometimes 4x per week. The chemo treatments were a lot. He even had to go through radiation. This was tough.

So, going to school 4 nights a week and being with him through all of that, plus volunteering was incredible. I had to schedule everything. As long as I knew where I was suppose to be that day and at what time, it all came together. I took Chem II and Physics II, and managed to make every Chem II class and missed Physics II twice, due to hospital appointment conflicts. My instructors were amazed at my dedication to family and my studies. Although I did not finish this semester with the best GPA as planned it still was acceptable, 3.0. The semester ended May 5.....YEAH!!!

I did manage to get a temporary job at the end of March for about 6 weeks. I worked 40 hrs per week and could not wait until this assignment ended. I needed to start studying for the MCAT. Thank God during this time my husband did not have any appointments and he was recupperating very well.

Spring 2009 had to be the most challenging thus far. Mostly from the aspect of caring for my husband and functioning in the unknown. One thing for sure, during this time my faith in GOD was stregthened and GOD saw me through, us through.....Thank you FATHER FOR YOUR LOVE FOR US...

WOW, A lot has happened..Fall 2008

Wow, a lot has happened since September 2008. Let me reflect back on the past 8 months. I finished my fall semester with a 3.8 GPA, which I was very proud of. Chemistry I, Physics I and Biology II. I was really feeling good about my decision to go for the gold....This semester was a trying one. I had a few obstacles, but with the Grace of GOD I managed them well.

School was moving right along on schedule. I was mastering my subjects and found a few places to volunteer. I was volunteering up to 8hrs per week. One position I loved. The other was so, boring. I really enjoyed working at the health clinic for the homeless. So, I gave up the hospital. My husband and I traveled to Los Angeles for a friends wedding and we had a blast. We visited with my Dad, my sister and cousins. I gave my husband the speedy Gonzales LA tour, we went hiking in the mountains, driving down Sunset Blvd, to walking on the beaches. What a great trip. Later that month in October, my husband started chemotherapy. This was crazy. He was tolerating the treatments pretty well. My academics were moving right along on schedule.

In November, we elected our first African American President. President Barack Obama. That was momentus. It was also Christian and Mrs. Fuller Birthday was on that same day, November 4, 2008. I cooked a prime rib dinner with all the fixin' and used my fine china. We celebrated. Then tradegy struck. Mrs. Fuller passed away that very next Friday. This was a devastating blow to our family. We all were blown away. I could not believe it. Having to make the arrangements with my husband and study for exams, labs practicals, etc was difficult. I missed a few days of school (which is very rare). But, I managed to get caught up and back on track. It was trying but, I finished that semester on target.

Anticipating the Spring semester was consuming for me. I knew in the Spring I had to start preparing for the MCAT, take the MCAT, complete courses at night with all "A", and work at part time job. My husband went out on disability. So, I decided to take classes at night and work during the days.....

I know that sounds like a lot...I knew I could do it. I tenancious and know GOD will see me through to a successful completion.......