Thursday, May 21, 2009

WOW, A lot has happened..Fall 2008

Wow, a lot has happened since September 2008. Let me reflect back on the past 8 months. I finished my fall semester with a 3.8 GPA, which I was very proud of. Chemistry I, Physics I and Biology II. I was really feeling good about my decision to go for the gold....This semester was a trying one. I had a few obstacles, but with the Grace of GOD I managed them well.

School was moving right along on schedule. I was mastering my subjects and found a few places to volunteer. I was volunteering up to 8hrs per week. One position I loved. The other was so, boring. I really enjoyed working at the health clinic for the homeless. So, I gave up the hospital. My husband and I traveled to Los Angeles for a friends wedding and we had a blast. We visited with my Dad, my sister and cousins. I gave my husband the speedy Gonzales LA tour, we went hiking in the mountains, driving down Sunset Blvd, to walking on the beaches. What a great trip. Later that month in October, my husband started chemotherapy. This was crazy. He was tolerating the treatments pretty well. My academics were moving right along on schedule.

In November, we elected our first African American President. President Barack Obama. That was momentus. It was also Christian and Mrs. Fuller Birthday was on that same day, November 4, 2008. I cooked a prime rib dinner with all the fixin' and used my fine china. We celebrated. Then tradegy struck. Mrs. Fuller passed away that very next Friday. This was a devastating blow to our family. We all were blown away. I could not believe it. Having to make the arrangements with my husband and study for exams, labs practicals, etc was difficult. I missed a few days of school (which is very rare). But, I managed to get caught up and back on track. It was trying but, I finished that semester on target.

Anticipating the Spring semester was consuming for me. I knew in the Spring I had to start preparing for the MCAT, take the MCAT, complete courses at night with all "A", and work at part time job. My husband went out on disability. So, I decided to take classes at night and work during the days.....

I know that sounds like a lot...I knew I could do it. I tenancious and know GOD will see me through to a successful completion.......

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  1. you are an amazing woman. I bet ur IQ is over 150. I loved ur blog and you gave me courage to try harder trough my goal. right now I am 31 years old and I just came to the US 3 years ago so my English is not perfect, but I love to be a doctor. right now I am trying to enter to the nursing program because I am afraid that I can't pass the MCAT. everybody say that being a doctor is too much for me and I am too old for that and just try to be a good nurse. but inside my heart someone tells me I born to become a doctor. BTW good luck in your path.