Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Know what you want in life...

What a busy day it has been. I've been running none stop since 8 am. I had to do my health screening for my volunteer work at a local hospital. Then, I had a phone interview for a pharmaceutical position...which sounds promising. Then finally I was off to meet with the Dean of admissions for a local medical school. The drive from my house to the medical school is about 35 to 40 minutes, the traffic was very heavy in the medical district. I was so affraid that I would be late....but, I wasn't. Thank God. By the time I found the admissions office and where I needed to go, I walked into the front office at 1:26pm. My appointmet was at 1:30pm. Thank God she had someone in her office. Also, there was another guy waiting to meet with her before me as well.

Normally, as a business woman I dress in business attire when meeting with others. So, today was no different. However, the young man sitting in the waiting area was very casually dressed with shorts and a polo shirt. I thought perhaps he has already been admitted??? My mom has always said, "Dresss for succes. When you leave your house make sure you have your earrings on, makeup on and look like success, because you never know who you will run into." Today was no different. I really wanted to leave a strong impression. With the young man waiting in the waiting area with me, I attempted to start a conversation with him, however, he was really tight lipped. I did manage to get out of him that he had applied for this season application process and had not been extended an invitation for a formal interview yet. So, he was there to ask a few questions. Best wishes to him.

I found the environment very refreshing and uplifting. Students walking around, chatting, some where studying....It felt energizing to be in that environment. I was trying to see if I could decipher the med students from employees. I did notice everyone was wearing scrubs of different colors. So, who were the students or who were the employees, I can not wait to find out. Do the first year med students wear different scrubs than second, third or forth? Well, when I get accepted I will know all of the ins to being a student there. Wow, it's like a secret society. Once you are admitted you will know all or learn all. Well, perhaps that's taking it a little to far. As far as secret society description goes, no matter what the environment is if you are on the outside and do not know what goes on on the inside, it's a closed society, sorta speak. But, the good news is we all have the opportunity to gain access, if we have the interest to explore the options and/or have what it takes to get in. This is exciting.....

Well, the dean of admissions was called to the OR and I was unable to meet with her. Ahhhh...However, there are no mistakes. I did have the opportunity to meet with the assistant dean of student affairs. He also sits on the admission committee, very friendly man. I noticed in his office he had a lot of pictures spread out throughout his office, a family man. We began to exchange pleasantries, taking about the affects of Ike, are place of origins, etc. Then we got into the business at hand. I needed answers. I need assurance that I was in fact on schedule. I had prepared a brief snap shot of who I am. It included my CV (which is like a resume), my completed and planned coursework, my GPA and Projected GPA, and my personal essay. I had been working on my personal essay for about 40 hrs. I finally got it within the guidelines, less than 62 lines and no more than 80 characters per line. I thought my content was on point and would surely get me an interview.

I began to ask for clarification on the application process and the required classes need to truly earn and invitation for an interview. He confirmed for me what I was thinking and what I had researched prior to speaking with the advisor at my JC. He state he has no idea where they received their information and perhaps they need to read their website. He unequivocally denied that not having taking the Organic chemistry class at the time of my application would limited my opportunity of getting an interview, I just would have to have it completed before I began med school. He said they do not discriminate against classes taken during summer sessions or even at night for that matter. He said they have interview nontraditional students that had not even taken Physics yet (but, it was on their list of classes to take before the first day of entering medical school.) He stated if I am able to get an acceptable MCAT score without having taken the course work first , only shows that I am capable of successfully completeing medical school. As far as, not have A & P, Genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, etc, those classes are not necessary because I will be taught those in medical school. Now if I wanted to take these classes to be familiar with the subject before hand that's up to me, but it has no bearing on whether or not I will get an interview or not. Also, He stated that in medical school the way they teach is totally different from undergraduate and usually offers little help in students recalling the subjects taken in undergrad.

He kept saying the advisors at my school really need to read their website. Perhaps, the advisors want me to take more classes at the JC is why they feel that way. Or the advisors are trying to shelter the students from being rejected. He really did not know where they received their information. It was totally inaccurate.

Basically, He stated, "We look at every line on the application, we take into consideration the applicants GPA, MCAT score and what contribution they will make to that particular class." Whether, an applicant take Genetic, Immunology, etc has no bearing on getting an interview or getting accepted. If these were required courses that are need then they would be listed in the prerequisites. He gave me numerous examples of applicants that did not have one class or the other and were interviewed. He had non traditional students that only took the 10 prerequisite classes and got an interview. Age is not a factor for admissions either. He stated he has interview a 72 year old and most recently a 55 year old. Non-traditional students made up 21% of the current entering class. I left his office on cloud nine. All my research, my preparation was not in vain. My thinking process was logical and obtainable. I have a very diverse and dynamic background with alot of life experiences. I have a very great chance of getting into medical school and by the grace of GOD, I am going to make it. With GOd on my side, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

So, do not let anyone tell you, you can not do something based on their fears, their past experiences. You investigate, You seek out, you know what you want in life and You go after it.

Life is meant to be lived and experienced. Live your life as if you only have "One life to Live" and you will not go to your grave in regret. Believe that within you lies everything you need to accomplish your dream. Seek God to find your strength, your courage, your passion, and go after it.

Know for yourself what you want in life........and go for it.

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  1. This was quite an inspirational post. I wish you much success in your academic and career pursuits!