Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving: an expression of gratitude especially to GOD....
Today is a US Holiday called Thanksgiving....

For some reason this Thanksgiving is the ultimate for me.  Although I'm away from my US family, there's an excitement I feel that's like no other...I am truly Thankful for the many blessings I have received and will continue to receive.  GOD has been truly shining in my life.

I am thankful for the my health, my strength, my life, my children, my parents, sibling, and extended family, my friends...My peace, my mind, my wisdom, my accomplishments, my perseverance, my determination, my courage, my laughter, my tears, my awakenings, my growth, my increase, my compassion, my wealth, my prosperity......Thank you FATHER!


Now, go live your dreams!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Face Your Fears...

Today was the day for me to face my fear head on....The funny part about it all I never knew I had the fear.  After that past 2 years of intense training and now needing to relax a bit, some friends and I decided to go Extreme Canyoning.  It's something I've always wanted to do since I've arrived here, but never felt like I had the time.  All I ever heard was how much fun it is.  My date with destiny was today.

I was all gun ho about the excitement and ready to go right?  Wrong...Once we got to the first cliff I was over taken by fear.  But, I thought I could still do it so I got strapped in and now it was time for me to go off the side of the cliff.  The guide a very nice man would assist you with a small push that totally freaked me out.  I could not understand nor did I appreciate him pushing me.  I thought he was crazy.  So, that made me even more nervous.  "Please stop pushing me," I told him.  He replied if I don't push you will never go.  Well, at that point in time, I was not going and that was that...I got out the gear and stood over to the side to let the others go.

As I watch them do it so effortlessly, I was so over taken by intense fear.  I could not stop the tears.  I could not stop crying.  I was not going to go off the side of that cliff..that was out...I was ready to go home...I could not believe I even consider such a crazy idea....

So, after totally embarrassing myself by crying hysterically..I finally calmed down..Everyone had already gone off the side and now it was my turn to give it another try...Well, this time with the help of our guide I went down escorted.  What a we got down to the bottom there was a pool of the most wonderful feeling water ever.  We swam and laughed a bit..then it was time to journey to the next cliff...

This time I was ready or was I?  I literally had to meditate and picture myself successfully going down on my own..  I took about 5 minutes to visualize my success..and sure enough..I did it!  I went down every cliff after that alone.  I even jumped off a few cliffs into the water below..It was a blast.

Quickly, I realized that the feeling I felt was unwarranted.  The intense fear I felt was false evidence appearing real.  The thing that was stopping me from experiencing the extreme excitement of the adventure was all in my mind.  And the interesting thing about this is I had no idea that I was afraid.  When I was in the Air Force, We use to go canoeing and jumping off of cliffs, and swimming in the Mississippi River in Montana, all the time.  So, I did not think twenty and some odd years later I would have an issue with it......I was so proud of myself because I did not let the unknown stop me from achieving and going after what I wanted to do.  It is a great feeling.

I shared all this to say to you...face your fear (s) that GOD have you on a path that can only lead to GREATNESS...As you allow others to push you into greatness, you will see that it is all apart of who you are.  Greatness is within you. LET IT OUT!

2 Peter 1:3 Amplified
For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that (are requisite and suited) to life and godliness, through the full, personal knowledge of Him who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How did I get here?

It’s quite amazing how this simple blog I started in 2008 has grown to over 88,000 views…I am so glad that I can take my life and share it with the world.  My life has been filled with a lot of twist in turns and this blog is just a snap shot of just one aspect of it.  I was recently asked why did I choose Ross University over an US school?  This is how my destiny unfolded…

I guess you can say Ross chose me or it was in my DESTINY!  I truly believe that my steps are ordered by GOD... At the cusp of 2007, I began to seek out my plan for 2008, which was a ritual I practiced every New Year’s Eve.  I would take the time to look back over the year to see what my successes were and what I needed to change.  I knew I would be moving to Houston that summer after my wedding, so that meant I would have to move my mortgage office, too.   I would have to rebuild my clientel.  So, as I was meditating I heard a small voice say, “Go to medical school.” Medical school?  That was weird and strange, I thought.  Well, I decided to followed the voice’s leading and began to research what I needed to do to get into medical school.   I discussed it with my husband and decided to begin taking the prereqs that summer.  (You can read my earlier blogs on the challenges I faced with advise from so called medical advisors…)  

Once I got the minimum classes done, I started applying the first time within Texas only…then the next application cycle nationwide.  Well, the second time around my national application was not completed on time for some strange reason.  The application site said they never received any of my Letter of Recommendations.  OH NO!  How disappointing was that.  All my professors said they sent them.  But, the system had no record of them.  I was actually bewildered. 
I decided and open up my options....I started looking for alternatives to this long process of getting to med school in the US.  One thing I noticed that during the course of my deceased husband's illness and the many doctors we encountered, only 2 doctors were graduates from a US medical school.  I would even ask doctors in the elevators, where did they attend medical school.  The majority had the same answer: some other country.  So, I said to myself, “Hey, it doesn't matter where I get my MD, just as long as I get it and can come back to US to practice.” 
I began to research schools that had US financial aid available and there were a couple.  Then I saw Ross an informational session in Dallas.  So, I drove there and was so impressed with the presentation.  After speaking with a few graduates that are currently practicing in Texas, I decide this was the school I was to attend. 

I started the online application as soon as I got home.  I began to fill out the application and was told that my email address was already in the system.   “Hmmm,” I thought to myself….I have never been on this website before.  So, I requested my password to be sent to me and when I received it, it was a password I had used over 12 yrs early…”OMG”…I thought to myself.  So, I logged on to the system and all the information they had on file was from when I lived in Long Beach, CA in 1999.  I was floored and amazed.  I did not remember this school at all.  I didn’t remember filling out the application.  I did not remember any of it.  (If you have not noticed by now, I’m very emotional and sentimental about the small things in life.) This was one of those moments that overshadowed all the obstacles and pointed me in the direction of my destiny.  This small forgotten step reassured me that I was headed in the right direction.  It is so reassuring to know that even when I sometimes get off path…My steps are ordered…
I applied.  I got the interview.   I was accepted!  All my paperwork flowed so smoothly…It was my time!  This was the place!  Now, I had to put in the work to make it happen.  Then, I got a letter from a medical school in Georgia saying that they had requested more information from me and I did not respond so they were withdrawing my application.  WHAT, I never received a request for more information from this school.  So, I called the Dean of Admission.  He apologized but, told me that application season in now closed and there is nothing that can be done. For a split moment I felt cheated.  I thought that probably was my door.  But, then I remembered.  I have already been accepted to Ross and why am I fretting.  “I place before you and open door that no one can shut. (Rev 3:8)”

So, the beauty of all of this is I was looking into medical school over 14 years ago, and was not ready.  Then when I was ready, I found Ross again. There’s a proverb that states, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”   Even though, I put the dream on the back burner, when I was ready it came back up.  I had to move on it this time… There was no time to consider my age, no time to consider the obstacles….It was time to walk in FAITH..WALK IN DESTINY… Knowing that if I have the WILL, THERE IS A WAY!  I was indeed ready this time…I was ready to do all that was required. 

So, with all that said.  Don’t fret because you have not yet obtained or feel like the opportunity has passed you by.  For it you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land (Isa 1:19). You will find your way, your path, your calling, you DESTINY awaits you…if you faint NOT!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Have Confidence! NO WORRIES, NOW!

Okay, today meant so much to me.  I took my last mini exam EVER; moreover, I was finishing the most challenging 2 years of my life...The intensity started building up yesterday evening...So, I said a prayer to calm my nerves.  I tried to get to bed early, but did not get to sleep until 4:30 am. I just didn't feel prepared.  This might be the first time ever that I really felt I need more time to study, FOR REAL!

For the past 20 years, I can program myself to wake up at a certain time without an alarm...But, this time I was not taking anything for granted, so I set two alarms.  I normally try to get up at least a 2hrs before my exam so, I can review and have a nice breakfast.  But, today I turned off the alarm and went back to bed.  I finally got up at 7 am in a panic (exam at 8 am), didn't have time to eat...So, I thought I could grab something from The Shacks (a row of local vendors next door to campus)..So, 7:30, I'm walking out the door...get to the Shacks and most of them are still closed...OH NO..I can't go in this exam without eating...Well, there was one vendor open and ready to accommodate..YES....Grabbed an egg sandwich and started my walk up the hill to the Annex for my exam...Okay, I sit down on the benches trying to eat and read over my notes..(last minute cramming..)...I just start getting really NERVOUS...OMG...

I check the board to get my seating assignment...I'm seat A-01..THE FIRST Seat...Okay...I get to my seat and tears start running down my face...I am so nervous...Everything is riding on this last exam...(Flashback...the uphill journey to today)....I managed to say another prayer and gain my composure...And began my test...Okay, I started at the last question first...just to get that one out of the way...A sign of completion and victory for me...Then a peace and a calmness came over me...MY GOD NEVER FAILS...No worries.....NOW!

So, I said all that to say...Have confidence in yourself...If you have done all that you know to do and could have in that.  You have everything you need to succeed. You are well equipped for the task ahead of you....So, don't let fear, intimidation or any other false evidence appearing real STOP YOU!


Friday, November 8, 2013

How Big Is your Dream?

I was just wondering How big is your dream?  Do you believe that you have within your power, presence, or influence to create your world as you desire?  Do you believe that Faith and Perseverance are true ingredients for success?  Do you believe you have what it takes?  Are you pursuing your dream?

How BIG IS YOUR DREAM?  Does it cause you to stay up late preparing or wake up early with great anticipation to see it manifest?  Are your actions lining up with your words (your hearts desire)?  Each day are you taking steps and/or actions that would bring you one day closer to your dream?

I was just wondering, if you were limiting your true capabilities because of fear, lack, and/or doubt?  Or were you doing whatever it took to make strides to follow your dream...

So, I ask the question just to say that no matter how BIG your DREAM is or how minute...Do you realize it's all obtainable...Find a way!  According to your Faith, let it be done unto...


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The End of a Chapter...

Tomorrow, November 8th, 2013 is the last day of class for me as I have known it the past 2 yrs...I am closing, yet another chapter on this wonderful journey.  As I reflect on these milestones, my heart leaps with excitement,  gratitude and great hopes for the next level.  The interesting part about this is this is just the beginning.  I have 3 exams to prepare for within the next 11 days...And they are deal breakers...It's kinda strange that every exam in medical school is a deal breaker..that keeps us on edge...(Although, I've heard they've changed the grading rubric for those coming up the ranks, in order that one exam don't kill or kick you out of the game....I think that's wonderful...)

I'm closing this chapter with great excitement, believing I have received all that I need to succeed at the next level.  Feb 2014 is USMLE STEP 1 exam and then I start rotations..Now, in between is a whole lot of work...We have to take on Dec 13, the Comprehensive Shelf Exam, which goes over everything from day one..this is sorta a dry run for Step 1...So, beginning Nov 19th, it's hard core Step prep time.....

I remember when I was a young girl in church, we use to sing a song..."I'm running for my life...I'm running for my life, I'm running for my life, If any body ask you, what's the matter with me..Tell them I saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, water baptized, I got Jesus on my side and I'm running for my life."  That's exactly where I am today..Still running..still pursuing..still living...still dreaming...still enjoying all that GOD has prepared for me...

The race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong...Ecc 9:11
Know that all who run in a race competes for the prize, but only one receives?  Run to WIN..1 Cor 9:24 CJB

Now go live your dream..!