Thursday, July 26, 2012

Faces of Determination..

As I transfered to the library at 2am, to finish my studying for the night, I walk into the fish bowl (a room of windows in our library) for the first time and grap an open seat, and I noticed a young man in there studying.  On his face was sure will and determination to make it through successfully to the next semester.  He's in first semester and is pushing hard to finish strong.  I couldn't help but send to him good will and prayers.  It's bewildering to get that slap in the face that first semester..that this is NOT undergrad or a masters program...This is Medical School..and you better bring your "A" game, because you are expected to remember every single thing taught..LOL...I can see the determination on his face...."I am Determined to make it through...."  My sentiments, too...."I am determined."

I recently figured out that I like studying in the major study areas on campus.  Being in a room, full of focused and determined people has kept me on track this last push to the finish line.   

Every where I walk on campus I can feel the excitement, the anticipation, the anxiety and the hope of passing the next five exams successfully.  Everyone is ready to move on to the next.....

Fourth semester students are celebrating there last day of "Basic Science classes" today.  After their break they will begin preparations for clinicals rotations...And all the rest of us...WELL we are determined to make it to the next semester.....

Determination is the key to success here....Though we may get weary at times, none the less, we know it will all pay off, once we reach our goal...I had a few classmates leave earlier in the semester for personal reasons, fear of failing, exhaustion, etc....But, I am glad that I am forging ahead.

It seems like time is flying by...I'm feeling good about my performance thus far...looking forward to finishing up block 3, Reproductive and Integument...Then 5 days later we have our final exam..

I'm Determined to finsh Strong!

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you: when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame scorch you." Isa 43:2 KJV

Monday, July 2, 2012

Growing into my own...

Today, I was quite amazed at how at ease I was during our infracolic region dissection.  I was actively cleaning away the fat to identify all the vasculature  (veins and arteries) structures that supplies the liver, spleen, stomach, small and large intestines, and it really didn't bother me, as you would have thought it should.

As I am continuing to push forward in my study of medicine, I'm growing less and less sensitive to what I know before all of this would have scared the dickens out of me. 

A couple of weekends ago, I got to participate in a Prostate Screening Clinic in a local community in which, I got to perform digital rectal exams.  Do you know why they are called digital?  You may think it's because I'm using a fancy digital apparatus of some sort, but's because Im using my 2nd digit (finger) to inserted into a complete strangers rectum.  I know, now that sounds crazy.  But, all in all, it is why Im here; to learn and to grow.  The attending physician made it seem so natural and literally was not going to let me leave until I did it.  Also, I was quite amazed that I was able to answer some of the questions posed to me by the attending professor.  It felt good.

So, I said this to say, I'm growing.  I'm getting there, step by step.  I am naturally falling into my groove.  My specialty will be revealed in time.  Each step is leading me towards my new normal, my dream of practicing medicine.  Oh my is happening right before my eyes...I can see it....Thank God...

Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"