Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the right path?

First, let me say thanks to everyone sending me prayers and get well wishes...I am back 100%...I even scored another A on my clinical exams...That was a huge blessing....I'm telling you, when you persist to succeed eventually the results you are seeking will manifest.  I am a witness.

Yesterday, I went into my exam with great expectations of repeating my new trend of smashing my exams...HOWEVER,....I felt like I was slapped in the face...OMG...did it hurt.  We haven't gotten the results of the exam as of yet.  However, I'm still hopeful that I scored well...My fingers are crossed, along with my eyes...LOL

Today, I started reviewing for my comprehensive final next Wednesday and it appears that information from Block 1 is still registering in my memory bank...That's a good feeling.  With the wealth of information thrown at us and trying to master ways to remember every possible detail is the challenge of most medical students. 

Therefore, I am actively engaging in my review sessions with group study, alone study and doing practice questions.  One thing different in medical school than in undergraduate is you must take the time to do practice questions.  The more questions you do the better your results.  Medical school is not just memorizing information and then regurgitating it back on an exam.  It's being able to apply what you have learned in a clinical setting.  So, a trained doctor's mind is always working as the patient is talking.  What has helped me is to develop essence, to create flow charts of information.  I have to draw it out, write it out, make charts of common factors.  A lot of work goes into comprehending the subject matter...But, it feels good when you are able to answer difficult questions correctly.

So, as you journey on your path, take a step back and look at different ways you can master your task, master your moment.  Then you will see, as you creatively work your plan, your plan will unfold one step at a time. 

Medical school....It's a place that definitely test your endurance, your drive, your heart, your stamina, your desire, your will, and your beliefs.  Medical school, there's no other place I'd rather be right now, because this is where I am suppose to be.

Are you on the path you were destined for?  If not why not? What's stopping you? How can your remove the barriers that are blocking you?  what do you need to do to get on your path ? Take a moment and think about it and then ACT. Get those obstacles out of your way, change lanes so you can be on the right path.  NOW!

Your destiny awaits you...Now, go live your dream!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I see the finish line.....

I woke up this morning feeling, ugh! The past couple of days I've been having chills, hot flashes, sore throat and just not feeling 100%.  I'm thinking to myself, should I go to the clinic or should I just let and it ride and continue trying to focus. I've been drinking tea and fluids. Looking frantically in my cabinets for some Vitamin C, but I have none; however, I did find some multiple vitamins.  So, I took those.  Going to the clinic will not serve me well, unless I have a bacterial infection, which I don't think I have (due to the absence of exudate on my tonsils). There's not much that can be done but let this feeling take its course and pray my immune system kicks in and relieve my symptoms. 

I see the finish line.  I'm at a critical point in the semester.  I have my Clinical final tomorrow, my last mini exam on Wednesday and the comprehensive NBME final the following Wednesday.  I think I'm just going to keep going, ignore the prodromal phase of this ugh feeling and believe my immune systems is strong enough to contain and it will not affect my performance tomorrow morning.  I feel so much better when I lay down and take a nap.  But, "ain't nobody got time for that."  LOL  I can't just lay in bed, watch tv and drink hot tea.  I need to study.  I need to practice. I need to get with it.

So, my lesson for today is to stay determined.   I am determined to finish strong.  I am determined to do what is needed to make it to the finish line.  It's not how fast I run, it only matters that I stay in the race.

Pray for me...I'm going in...