Thursday, August 1, 2013

I see the finish line.....

I woke up this morning feeling, ugh! The past couple of days I've been having chills, hot flashes, sore throat and just not feeling 100%.  I'm thinking to myself, should I go to the clinic or should I just let and it ride and continue trying to focus. I've been drinking tea and fluids. Looking frantically in my cabinets for some Vitamin C, but I have none; however, I did find some multiple vitamins.  So, I took those.  Going to the clinic will not serve me well, unless I have a bacterial infection, which I don't think I have (due to the absence of exudate on my tonsils). There's not much that can be done but let this feeling take its course and pray my immune system kicks in and relieve my symptoms. 

I see the finish line.  I'm at a critical point in the semester.  I have my Clinical final tomorrow, my last mini exam on Wednesday and the comprehensive NBME final the following Wednesday.  I think I'm just going to keep going, ignore the prodromal phase of this ugh feeling and believe my immune systems is strong enough to contain and it will not affect my performance tomorrow morning.  I feel so much better when I lay down and take a nap.  But, "ain't nobody got time for that."  LOL  I can't just lay in bed, watch tv and drink hot tea.  I need to study.  I need to practice. I need to get with it.

So, my lesson for today is to stay determined.   I am determined to finish strong.  I am determined to do what is needed to make it to the finish line.  It's not how fast I run, it only matters that I stay in the race.

Pray for me...I'm going in...


  1. If you have any garlic on hand you should add that to your tea, and that will clear up your symptoms quickly.

  2. Hi Joyce,
    I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU! Your blog is so inspirational and it is what I needed to see/hear/read/experience. Im 32 starting medical school in the caribbean in 3 weeks and your blog shed so much light on what to expect but most importantly the mindset needed to be successful.
    Hope you managed to kick the germs...keep pressing on!!!
    Wishing you continued success.

  3. I don't know if you actually read these comments or not, but I want to let you know that from the tiny island that you are on you inspire a black man that walked through life without his purpose defined. I check back from time to time to read about the hills and valleys that are medical school. I check back from time to time to see if anyone is telling you to keep it up, to keep pushing if you ever need that. If you ever need a word a word of encouragement go to soundcloud and search Rob Hill. Click on "Who are We" and next listen to Comfort Zone. Be blessed Doc!