Friday, September 30, 2011

Stamina...Do you have it?

It's Friday night..just waking up from a long nap.  I only had 2 1/2 hrs of sleep the night before...I made a huge mistake Thursday evening and took a 3 1/2 hr nap...and that caused me to stay up til 4am studying.  Crazy...I had to get up at 6:30am to get my son to school on time..This morning was a time I wish he caught the bus or could walk to school alone....I was tired.....But, once I got going, I found energy from somewhere...It was crazy. 

I had a full day, today.  I didn't have time to attend any lectures, so tonight I will be catching up on those. 
  • I had to work on a report that was due today at 1pm.  That took the first two hrs of my day. 
  • I had to go to my PaCE quiz and review session for two hrs. 
  • Then it was time for lunch.  Everyday I have to pick up my son for lunch. (that's the rule of the school, which is sometimes an inconvenience..not that I dont want to each lunch with him, but there is so much to do).  I guess this makes you stop and get away for one hour....
  • Problem Base Learning (PBL) for another two hours....This is a group of 8 med students that come together and work on a case.  The objective is to learn how to identify problems and find solutions through research and collaboration with team members.  I'm blessed to be in such a diverse and great group.
  • Picked up my son from school, then time to go home...around 3:30pm...
Keep in mind I had to do all this on 2 1/2 hrs of sleep.  Never again...Although I was feeling okay..I learned today in PBL, that I was operating on chronic partial sleep deprevation and it negatively affectes my  hippocampus, the center of memory and emotions of my brain.  Basically, not getting at least 6 to 8 hrs of sleep a night impairs your memory performance....WHO NEEDS THAT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL?  I sure don't.  I need to improve my HIPPOCAMPUS performance...LOL..  If your ability to encode, consolidate and recall is impaired...You are wasting your time...studying all hours of the night....So, lights out at 11:30pm for me....NO Matter what...But, not tonight..LOL...I have a lot of catching up to do....I will sleep in tomorrow..It's Saturday....

So, as I was reflecting what makes a successful medical student, is he/she must have stamina.  Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.  The emphasis is on PROLONGED....The amount of information given to us during this first month was incredible.  We are going to get more and more and more...LOL....The challenge is how to process and managing it.

I hear so many peers saying they are so far behind.  But, in actuality...are they?  Not at all.  You can only study so many hours of the day and really retain the information.  So, is being "behind" that bad.  The bad part is if you are not getting to all the material.  I know we are dealing with a lot of type A personalities that are use to getting A's in most classes, so not mastering a concept is ripping them apart. RELAX...REGROUP...Everything is going to be fine...

As I was preparing to get into my studying, I thought to myself..You really need stamina to make it through medical school. Stamina along with discipline and planning are crucial keys.  Don't get overwhelmed.  Schedule, Schedule, Schedule....That's is so funny.  I use to tell my oldest son that all the time.  I would say, "you can get everything you need to get done in a day as long as you schedule it."  That's how I jungled so many things during my preparation for medical school.    I had everything scheduled, even my free time. I learned that from when I was a realtor in California.  There was a top performer with Century 21 Realtors.  She was awesome.  Everyone wanted to know how she consistently performed well year after year.  And the one thing I remember her saying is, She has a strict schedule.  She even had to schedule her family time. seems very strict.  But, in order to achieve greatness you must be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve it....have a plan and follow it.  Remember, for every sacrifice there is an equal or greater reward...

As you continue on your road to manifesting your dreams/goals check your stamina your plan...make necessary adjustments...and most importantly...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Okay this afternoon was fun.  Im glad I attended this mandatory session.  I was surprised to find out that it was mandatory. I almost decided to miss and catch it on video.  Boy, I would have been sorry. 

In this session, we got chance to interview a real patient at a local hospital via satellite.  First we observed the attending physician do her preliminary interview.  Then we were allow to ask the patient our own pertinent questions.  The symptoms presented were chest pains.  So, after all the round of fact finding questions, were were left with the data to uncover the problem and find a solution.  Of course, this had to be done at home by 8pm and submited online.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED.. I was sweating on this one.  I did not get home unitl 5:45pm...I needed to read all the directions, and then submit my findings.  Im glad to say, I push the submit button about 7:45pm.  My first patient report was complete.

I could only imagine how much time this would have taken if I had 20 to 30 patients a day.    But, Im sure like anything with experience comes expertise and making diagnosis will come easier...Hopefully.....It's really amazing, that no two people are a like and doctors everyday have to reason thru why that person has come to see them.  It's a matter of life or no life...if you know what I mean....WOW...

Practicing making sound judgments on a time crunch is like developing a muscle. The more you apply heavy weight, the stronger the muscle becomes.  Now days we all are very busy, managing multiple tasks, but as your reflect on you busy schedule, hectic day, or seemingly increasing workload...Note that you are building muscle.  You are sharpening your skills.  You are moving to the next level.  You are moving towards DESTINY.  Every little step you take.....IS IMPORTANT.....No late submissions: be on time, be dependable, meet your deadlines, plan your day wisely and before you know it, your hard work and determination will pay off.

Life is GOOOOD.... 

Here we go again...

Can you believe it?  I'm just waking up, when most people have gone to bed hours ago.  I think I feel asleep tonight about 8:00pm.  I beat Jamaal in the bed.  Now, Im up and it's 2 am.  It seems my neighbors always get home around 1am.  My neighbors upstairs have no idea of the noise they keep up...but, it's not totally their fault, the walls are too thin in the apartment.  I could hear their every move and their conversations.  I am definitely moving next semester. 

Although I am enjoying our long mile hikes home everyday..up hills , down hills, short cuts and passing our favorite two goats everyday: Vanila and Chocolate..I think those were the names Jamaal gave them, It's become a real adventure carrying groceries home, etc.  Forget about jumping into your car and getting home a quickly as possible.  WE DON'T HAVE A CAR..LOL...I could rent one, but the way they drive here is crazy....and besides I really wanted us to feel the culture here...whatever that means...right?? One thing I know, we are moving closer to campus....

So, I started reviewing the lectures for the next three weeks....OMG....why so many different subjects...?  When I registered for this semester, I thought we were going to have just four classes each systems....WRONG...I didn't know that within each system there are at least 6 to 8 classes, not including PBL, Anatomy labs, Histology Labs, and Behavior/Polycom....CRAZY schedule....So, when they say the program is systems based: know that you are going to be hit with a ton of class dealing with that particular system.  We are still in the fundamentals....until Oct. 7th.....

So, this next segment classes includes: well, it just too many to name...But, here are a few: Enzymes, Connective tissue, Epithelia, Cell signaling, Fertilization, Abnormal chromosomes, Nerve Tissue, Axilla & Brachii Plexus, etc, etc, etc. there's more where these came from...But, I love the way they've group them into categories: Biochem, Anat, Micro Anat, Physiology, Behav, etc.  By the time our next exam gets here we will have had at least 21 different lectures...  crammed into those four to five categories...All with at least 35 pages of lecture notes or more.  My Enzymes lecture 1 & 2, I think is over 126 pages....those are the lecture notes...LOL...One thing I have noticed is you really don't need the books, too much.  The notes are packed with everything you need.  So, I just wasted $1500, right...Well, no???  Well, yeah...LOL...I try to use my books to clarify something, since they are sitting in my face..but I could go the library for that or just email the instructor....I wish someone would have told me that...

On to a more delightful subject.  Every year Ross graduates over 800 (that's a conservative number) new doctors and I know I have everything it takes to finish successfully and then some.  So, with determination and the ability to actively participate with 100% of my efforts, I will be in my graduating class.  I'm already envisioning myself with my robe and that funny looking hat...LOL...I can do this....

Most have heard about it...but, until you actually experience it; WOW, it's an eye opener. 

So, here we go again...different mini...but in the end...all material will be tested together for the final....So, I pray and believe that all pertinent information is retain and I will be able to apply it when needed...

Next level, Please....

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Aftermath....

Well, today was the day to put into action all the information I've been studying the last two weeks.  After only getting 3hrs of sleep, I am pretty please with how I feel about the exam.  I was well prepared.  I would say 80% of the material was something I could remember or heard of before.  So, Im feeling pretty good right now.  Now, the other 20%, Im not going to worry about...but, in hind sight..I shouldn't changed my answers on a couple of questions, I should have review that subject a little bit more...BLAH...BLAH..BLAH...right...LOL

But, the aftermath of the exam has left me feeling pretty optimistic about my performance.  So, I pray that this feeling I have will definitely correlate to my results.  So, for now the next 5 hrs...I have free..Im going to sleep.....Good morning everyone...Make it a great day....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Am I here?

Why am I here?  That was a question I heard to day at lunch.  Actually, It was..."at times like this I have to remind myself of why I'm here...I found that to be a very profound and healthy question.  When things get busy and uncertainty raises its head, it is imperative that you step back and regain your focus.  Why am I here?  Why am I choosing to spend the next few years in intense study?  Why I am I not on the beach, enjoying the sunshine or with the ones I love?  It's because there is a GREATER cause within me that demands that I take the necessary actions to get to that CAUSE. 

"When the FORCE WITHIN is STRONGER than the force trying to push you back, you WILL MOVE FORWARD. Im glad to say my inner FORCE is mighter than mountains and stronger than the sea. GOD's over powering love for me is PUSHING ME FORWARD...Selah"   Joyce

So, personal reflection is good.  You must answer this question in order to find stay on course and plant roots in what you believe.  So, Why Am I here?  Why are you here?  This could be a reflection of your purpose in life or your place in time NOW.  Only you can answer that.  If you dont know, you better find out and I mean quickly.  If you know, then you are on the right path towards manifesting.  We were created to manifest the world you desire.  It is possible and it may take some moments of reflection to solidify YOUR CAUSE, YOUR PURPOSE, and YOUR DESTINY. 

Know why you are here?  Because you will be tested.  And when the test comes you will be able to answer with unequivocal assurance. 

I believe people that know the "whys" in life are happier people.  I know I am...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Should I FRET?

As we quickly make it to Hump day, tomorrow..I haven't decided if I should fret about next Monday or not.  Most of my classmate are absolutely terrified.   Monday is our first mini exam.  It's covering a lot of material and we don't know what to expect on the exam.  The major thing about medical school is the questions are geared towards clinical correlations, not what we were used to in undergrad or grad school.  So, making the adjustment to actually apply what we've learned is the key to our success here.

With our long days of class room instruction and our longer nights of studying, Im trying to find the balance.  Take in the most important information only.  So, how do I do that?  Well, this first trial (literally) and error of studying will allow me to make necessary adjustments on next exam, if needed.  The good things is tomorrow, I will get a gauge in my retention at the Pace Quiz.  So, I pray that though I've been drinking from a fire hose for the past two weeks, some water has enter my mouth and has hydrated my body with enough knowledge or the correct knowledge to do well on this exam.

Well, I must say this medical school stuff is a totally different ball game.  But, Im ready for it.  I'm rehearsing all that it took for me to get herein my head.  All the things, I've overcome. and my conclusion is, I have what it takes to make it through successfully. 

There's no victory in worrying...So, I am going to TRUST. Trust that I have everything I need within me.  The scriptures tell us that I have eveything pretaining to life and godliness.

So, should I be panicing..No, I dont think so. When you've done your best and haveput in the necessary time to get a favorable result...You can rest assure that the outcome will be favorable....right?

As you go about your day contemplating are you good enough, can you really do it, take a look at all your past victories.  This task you are on now, will be just like those in your past.  Over and done with as you continue to keep moving and stay in faith.  Move on towards your dreams.  Move towards your goals. Every step you take will lead you into your DESTINY...DONT FRET..JUST BELIEVE....You can do it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intimidation Factor # 2

As the day progressed, I've come to realize that the most powerful form of intimidation is The way you think.  What your mind receives and processes as TRUTH, determines how you see things.  I was very intimidated by the words thrown out at me the first week of orientation.  I almost forgot who I am...How can I loose my identity, based on others preception and their words used.  WOW...I had to regroup and I mean fast.

We use to say as children, "sticks and stones may break my bones; but, your words will never hurt me."  That's good in theory.  But, the fact of the matter is,the influences, the words spoken to you do have a lot to do with how high you fly in life.  I had to catch myself....I'm a woman that has overcome many odds, criticism, misunderstandings to get where I am today.  Im here.  I'm in medical school.  So, all I have to do is apply myself just like I did to get here and I will be successful..

So, look into the way you think,,  How do you view the unknown? Do you know you have what it takes to go after what you want in life.  There are no limits to what you can have.  The only limitations are those we allow to become part of us.

As I was walking out of the gross anatomy lab, I felt a great sense of accomplishment and purpose.  This is what I was born to do.  Although it was my first dissection, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My team members said, 'You sure are excited."  I replied, "Im excited about most things."  I'M BACK..I could feel it deep down inside...I quickly check my fears at the door and proceed with proficiency and confidence.  I was on point.  The same excitement that drove me to walk in destiny has re-emerged with a vengenace.  I know I can do this.  ...Now, that feels good..

I will control the way my mind thinks.  I choose this day to think highly of my capabilities.  Today I choose to believe that my path has brought me to this point to see how powerful I really am.   I have quoted this poem in other blogs, but it is ringing in my spirit today:

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give
other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

I'm liberated....Thank you Father, for your light shining through me that others may see YOUR good work....The Truth has made me FREE....

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ball is Rolling......

Okay, today was the first day of MEDICAL SCHOOL FOR ME!!!  Can you believe it?  It's finally here and it feeels GOOD...It's so surreal...I knew I would get here, but never imagine in a foreign country or in the carribean.  I know for sure this is where I'm suppose to be.  ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD.

The day started off with me dropping The Kid off at school.  He was so excited, too.  (I'm glad I instilled in my boys the love of a good education.  Both of them are so excited about embarking on new information and building a foundation that will allow them to make viable choices for their future.  There are no limits when you have the right tools to carve out your DESTINY.  They can't wait to prove to themselves and others, they can learn....and they can achieve their dreams, if they work diligently.)  Then I had to rush to the bus stop for my ride about 5minutes down the road (10 to 15min walk).  I missed the buses and didnt want to wait for the next so, I caught a taxi for $3. 

Arriving to class was cool, it was packed...approximately 400 new medical students ready to learn medicine.  Well, not this first week.  It's mostly review of what I've learned the past three years.  That is mind boggling to me.  But, I must push the deep mysteries of medicine...LOL...

The professors were all very inviting and pleasant.  Im confident that  I will be able to keep up.  The Cell Biology professor was great..very personable and reassuring, Bio Chemistry was okay.  His pace was fast.  Anatomy professor was sharp, confident and you could tell she doesn't take no mess, but, overall pleasant and she moves very fast.  So, guess what Im doing guessed it reviewing all todays lectures.

I completely missed my Anatomy lab lecture. As mentioned in previous blogs, I was selected to participate in PaCE and therefore, I had to attend the mandatory meeting for that.  So, I have to definitely review that lecture first....Especially, since tomorrow my group will be the first to do the dissection on the Superficial and Deep back of a cadaver (a corpse).

So, let the studying begin.....The ball is rolling.....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Okay...Almost back to normal...

Okay, almost back to normal.  Just finished our mandatory orientation week.  Alot of good information....Im really impressed with Ross University School of Medicine.  I guess they have over 35yrs of experience at this and they are doing all they can to help make our experience here successful.  There are 400 students in my class and they start semesters 3x per year.  That is huge, when the average med school in US only can accomodate 230 students once per year..  How is this possible?  We are suppose to be more savy than a third world country aren't?  Well, Ross is owned by Devry.  So, I guess that says it all.  They have a lot of student support systems: Academic Success, Student Affairs, PAcE, Campus Life, and Wellness and Success (deals with the whole person: physical, mental and emotional with spiritual balance)..So, everything that is needed to be success is at our disposal.  We just have to use it..

Isn't that true with life?  Whatever you need, it's out there for you to seek out.  There's no excuses.  Especially, in our modern world.  We are so blessed.

So, after I calmed down and received my pep-talks from my support system, those that know me best.  My confidence and normal self is emerging.  After that week of intimidation, I knew I needed some relaxation before school started; so, I had a body massage today.  The therapist had a hard time with my upper shoulders (or medical terms: Trapezius muscle).  She was working hard, elbows and all..LOL...I guess I should start using medical terms to get used to all this.  My first gross anatomy class on Tuesday involves me dissecting a real cadaver.  Ironically, we will dissect the superficial & deep back.  So, I guess this is all in line.  It's funny how all things work together for good...

I met a second semester student that shared with me a lot of information and notes.  So, getting organized is imperative for success.  I have been previewing all my classes for next week.  So, when I go to class it will not feel like Im in a foreign country.  Oh, well I am in a a foreign county..LOL...The first week is just review of the past three years.  Did you get that?...It is only going to take one week to review and go over what I've been studying for the last three years.  That's amazing...Also, I spent thousands of dollar on books and she gave me all the books on pdf form..LOL..So, I know a lot of people did not buy the books.  But, I didnt want to take any chances of not having the information...It's better to be over prepared, right?

As I take a few deep breathes, Im getting back into my previewing...This is my new normal...