Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Should I FRET?

As we quickly make it to Hump day, tomorrow..I haven't decided if I should fret about next Monday or not.  Most of my classmate are absolutely terrified.   Monday is our first mini exam.  It's covering a lot of material and we don't know what to expect on the exam.  The major thing about medical school is the questions are geared towards clinical correlations, not what we were used to in undergrad or grad school.  So, making the adjustment to actually apply what we've learned is the key to our success here.

With our long days of class room instruction and our longer nights of studying, Im trying to find the balance.  Take in the most important information only.  So, how do I do that?  Well, this first trial (literally) and error of studying will allow me to make necessary adjustments on next exam, if needed.  The good things is tomorrow, I will get a gauge in my retention at the Pace Quiz.  So, I pray that though I've been drinking from a fire hose for the past two weeks, some water has enter my mouth and has hydrated my body with enough knowledge or the correct knowledge to do well on this exam.

Well, I must say this medical school stuff is a totally different ball game.  But, Im ready for it.  I'm rehearsing all that it took for me to get herein my head.  All the things, I've overcome. and my conclusion is, I have what it takes to make it through successfully. 

There's no victory in worrying...So, I am going to TRUST. Trust that I have everything I need within me.  The scriptures tell us that I have eveything pretaining to life and godliness.

So, should I be panicing..No, I dont think so. When you've done your best and haveput in the necessary time to get a favorable result...You can rest assure that the outcome will be favorable....right?

As you go about your day contemplating are you good enough, can you really do it, take a look at all your past victories.  This task you are on now, will be just like those in your past.  Over and done with as you continue to keep moving and stay in faith.  Move on towards your dreams.  Move towards your goals. Every step you take will lead you into your DESTINY...DONT FRET..JUST BELIEVE....You can do it!


  1. Precisely, there is NO victory in worrying...I can truly attest to that! continue to do what you best and that is TRUST.

  2. a40yearoldmedicalstudentSeptember 14, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    Absolutely....when preparation meets opportunity nothing can stop us...So, today I was prepared...and today I had the opportunity to show what I've learned...And I must say, I was pleased. So, your right HIGHLY Favored, Im going to keep doing what I do BEST and that's Believing and Trusting...That HE has not brought me this far to leave me....

  3. I second this!!! Go girl go!!

  4. Every entry you've written has been such an inspiration. I thought I'd just stop by to say thank you. I'm currently a Ross applicant (and a DO applicant too, I guess), and have had the hardest time trying to keep the faith after losing my father three months ago. I come here and read your story to be reminded of my inner strength through reading about your's.

  5. A40yearoldmedicalstudentSeptember 15, 2011 at 6:12 AM

    @Aimmee, Im sorry for your loss. I do understand your pain at this time of grieving. Also, Im glad that my life story is a testament of perserverance, determination and believing that GOD has not forgotten about me. The most important thing for me when I was going thru the the process of grieving, was staying focus on my purpose, my destiny, and my well being. So,in this time of needing reassurance, know that GOD has not forsaken you and has not taken back any promises concerning your DESTINY. Each day that you are here, there is more for you to do. Dont give up on your purpose, your destiny, your life. Im sure your dad wouldnt want you to give up. Use that as your fuel. Pursue your passion with vigor. This is a defining moment for you. I know you will make it through. Keep moving forward. You can do it. I have faith in you.