Monday, September 19, 2011

The Aftermath....

Well, today was the day to put into action all the information I've been studying the last two weeks.  After only getting 3hrs of sleep, I am pretty please with how I feel about the exam.  I was well prepared.  I would say 80% of the material was something I could remember or heard of before.  So, Im feeling pretty good right now.  Now, the other 20%, Im not going to worry about...but, in hind sight..I shouldn't changed my answers on a couple of questions, I should have review that subject a little bit more...BLAH...BLAH..BLAH...right...LOL

But, the aftermath of the exam has left me feeling pretty optimistic about my performance.  So, I pray that this feeling I have will definitely correlate to my results.  So, for now the next 5 hrs...I have free..Im going to sleep.....Good morning everyone...Make it a great day....


  1. Glad to hear your exam went well! Thanks for sharing and keep writing!

  2. A40yearoldmedicalstudentSeptember 20, 2011 at 1:19 AM

    Thanks Benji...I received tentative results this evening....It looks like I PASSED....YES, Thank you Jesus...The final result will be out in a week....One thing about med school it will knock you down a peg or two...LOL...It's either you pass or you fail...Thank GOD Im passing...LOL