Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Am I here?

Why am I here?  That was a question I heard to day at lunch.  Actually, It was..."at times like this I have to remind myself of why I'm here...I found that to be a very profound and healthy question.  When things get busy and uncertainty raises its head, it is imperative that you step back and regain your focus.  Why am I here?  Why am I choosing to spend the next few years in intense study?  Why I am I not on the beach, enjoying the sunshine or with the ones I love?  It's because there is a GREATER cause within me that demands that I take the necessary actions to get to that CAUSE. 

"When the FORCE WITHIN is STRONGER than the force trying to push you back, you WILL MOVE FORWARD. Im glad to say my inner FORCE is mighter than mountains and stronger than the sea. GOD's over powering love for me is PUSHING ME FORWARD...Selah"   Joyce

So, personal reflection is good.  You must answer this question in order to find stay on course and plant roots in what you believe.  So, Why Am I here?  Why are you here?  This could be a reflection of your purpose in life or your place in time NOW.  Only you can answer that.  If you dont know, you better find out and I mean quickly.  If you know, then you are on the right path towards manifesting.  We were created to manifest the world you desire.  It is possible and it may take some moments of reflection to solidify YOUR CAUSE, YOUR PURPOSE, and YOUR DESTINY. 

Know why you are here?  Because you will be tested.  And when the test comes you will be able to answer with unequivocal assurance. 

I believe people that know the "whys" in life are happier people.  I know I am...

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  1. Joyce I love reading your updates! Incidentally I found out you took the MCAT prep course with Dr. Sutton. He is awesome! I took it also. My score was "ok" but I know nothing is impossible for God so I am waiting on my interview invite! Thank you Jesus!