Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Okay this afternoon was fun.  Im glad I attended this mandatory session.  I was surprised to find out that it was mandatory. I almost decided to miss and catch it on video.  Boy, I would have been sorry. 

In this session, we got chance to interview a real patient at a local hospital via satellite.  First we observed the attending physician do her preliminary interview.  Then we were allow to ask the patient our own pertinent questions.  The symptoms presented were chest pains.  So, after all the round of fact finding questions, were were left with the data to uncover the problem and find a solution.  Of course, this had to be done at home by 8pm and submited online.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED.. I was sweating on this one.  I did not get home unitl 5:45pm...I needed to read all the directions, and then submit my findings.  Im glad to say, I push the submit button about 7:45pm.  My first patient report was complete.

I could only imagine how much time this would have taken if I had 20 to 30 patients a day.    But, Im sure like anything with experience comes expertise and making diagnosis will come easier...Hopefully.....It's really amazing, that no two people are a like and doctors everyday have to reason thru why that person has come to see them.  It's a matter of life or no life...if you know what I mean....WOW...

Practicing making sound judgments on a time crunch is like developing a muscle. The more you apply heavy weight, the stronger the muscle becomes.  Now days we all are very busy, managing multiple tasks, but as your reflect on you busy schedule, hectic day, or seemingly increasing workload...Note that you are building muscle.  You are sharpening your skills.  You are moving to the next level.  You are moving towards DESTINY.  Every little step you take.....IS IMPORTANT.....No late submissions: be on time, be dependable, meet your deadlines, plan your day wisely and before you know it, your hard work and determination will pay off.

Life is GOOOOD.... 


  1. This was great.....wish u all the best.

  2. I start next may and I've been literally drinking EVERY words from your blog :-). I thank you a lot for the inspiration and the tips. Is it true what you said about the books? I've seen a few required and recommended textbooks on the website, should I just wait until I get down there?