Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Details of Ross University Interview

My interview today went very well..It lasted about 1 hour. I had a lot to say. Very few questions were asked. I'm wondering is that good? He had pages and pages of question but, I think a answered most of them within my answers. He stated that some interviews, he has to pull teeth and others the information flows freely. THe questions asked:1. Are you from Houston? 2. We talked about my many transcripts.3. We went over my MCAT scores. How did I study for MCAT? What was the most difficult part of the MCAT for me? 4. Have I lived outside of the US before?5. We went over my clinical, shadowing and research experience. What I gained from those experiences.6. What questions did I have: My main concern was the quality of education, providing the proper tools to compete in the US, and partnering with a reputable institution with strong US ties, My son adapting to the new environment: meeting friends, etc. Is it still required to take the NBME COMP before taking the USMLE? What retention support available, as far as improving study techniques, etc. Within my answers, I answered the questions:WHy do I want to become a doctor, Why Ross, WHy a doctor instead of a nurse, how I got to the decision to become a doctor, my oppositions and triumphs on this path, my family buy-in and support, why my years of experience has given me the strength and ability to complete tasks I start. I expressed my determination and I realize that as long as Ross provides me the tools needed to successfully pass the USMLE, it is up to me to compete effectively in the market place. I understand that 100%. So, the why I am a great candidate for admission, whether I get a degree from UofH or Cal State, it is up to me to do something with the degree and reach places I desire to go. It's a partnership. I also let him know, that Im aware that Ross is not on a vacation resort island. Im not concerned about shopping malls, etc. I realize the 16 month sacrifice on the island is not a lifetime. So, with that in mind Im focused and driven on the task in front of me; and that's to get the information need to move to the next level.

The Interview Felt GOOOD...

I just finishing meeting with the interviewer from Ross. The momentum and tempo felt positive and energetic. I felt that I was able to successful convey to him my desire and why Ross was a great fit for me. Going through my many transcript was hilarious. However, Im glad I had the opportunity to explain why I had so many. In those days, I attend school where ever I was sleeping that semester. When I departed from the Air Force, my living arrangements did not work out as planned. So, I moved around a bit until I found my own apartment. The main thing I pray he received from that is that I was not going to give up on getting my college degree, even if I did not have my own place to live. I was focused on completing my college degree and attending class was the only way to accomplish that. So, thus the many transcripts. Then we talked briefly about my MCAT scores. That was the most uncomfortable portion of the interview. I hate the MCAT.....well, hate is a strong word. But, he wanted to know how I prepared for it. So, I went into initially I thought I could do well with self study of courses that I have yet to be introduced to. Then I realized I needed help and attended a formal class and that's when I performed my highest. So, taking into consideration that when I receive the proper tools to excel, I am capable of doing just that. As I reflect back, I wish I would have tied into what I am currently doing in Cell Biology with why Physics was important to take. Looking at the cell and how the use of membrance electrical potential needed to open and close voltage gated channels to stimulate an Action Potential, now I see why I had to take Physics. It's all coming together. I wish I would have given him antedote like that. But, overall I had done a lot of research. I am pretty confident that this is a good fit for me and I know I will give it my all. Making a 16 month sacrifice for achieving a life long dream is well worth it. As coach saids, "For every sacrifice there is an equal or greater reward." I believe my reward will be over the top. Hello, Medical School.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes, FINALLY. My time has come. I have an interview with Ross University. I am excited. I had to take a nap earlier so that I can continue to prepare. Tomorrow, I am going to knock the interviewers socks off. There is NO denying me this moment with destiny. I started this journey, July 2008. I finished my required prereq, but I decided to take 6 more upper division classes to seal my fate in mastering biology subjects. I entered the application season for 2010 and 2011. I spent hours and hundreds of dollars on application fees. I have sacrificed the last three years of my life doing everything necessary to build a solid application and gain acceptance to med school. Even during the most difficult times, I never gave up or quit. I went through the death of my husband and friend. Then shortly after his death, I was in a seven month custody battle for my step children. I had to defeat seven lawsuits intervening on my adoption. But, my husband's wishes prevailed and on June 16th, 2010 our adoption was finialize. (I will have to share that madness on another blog..LOL) Then one night as I was sitting in my room, I was thinking I have come too far to turn back or not get into med school. I contemplated over and over in my head the confirmations I've received during my walk (as Coach Hollingsworth calls them "touchstones"). My biblical confirmation of Dan 1, the opposition from cc advisors, the favor I receieved by getting accepted to UT Medical School Houston Summer Research Program, Shadowing doctors, volunteering at Healthcare for the Homeless, and etc. It all seemed right. It all seemed so real and right. As doors opened for me, I could not deny my destiny was to become a doctor. Well, this night of my epiphany (divine manifestion), I reflected on my preparation for this time. I said to myself, How far will I go to get want I want? How much more can I sacrifice to get were I am suppose to be? Well, I have to go all the way. Whatever that means. I can not give up or quit. Then it hit me, all the doctors I met going through Donald's illness, those that were responsible for his direct care and those in elevators, etc. I would say that 98% of them DID NOT study here in the US, but all are now practicing in the US. Then, I said then why don't I look into other options outside the US. My oldest son will be going off to college this year. My youngest is adaptable to any situation. So, I said I am going to look at other options. I investigated the Carribean schools. Although, they have been given a bit of ridicule. If they are a reputable school and has ties to the US, then why not. I began researching which schools had the best reputation and who is recognized in the US as an equivalent school to the US schools. Hands down, I choose Ross University. So, I went over their website with a fine tooth comb and registered to attend one of their information seminars in Dallas. I had just missed the Houston meeting. I was excited to hear and feel what was going on with ROSS. As I was attending the seminar, I was totally excited about everything I was hearing. I was on a high that felt good. If felt I was where I was suppose to be without a doubt. I had already gotten most of the information already from their website. As I was sitting in my chair, a sense of destiny swepted over me. I was so excited that I could scream. I even had tears rolling down my cheek, because I felt this was it. This was my open door. After years of searching, I found my door to DESTINY. Once I returned home, I immediately started my application. However, when, I tried to register with my email address on Ross application website, it said I had already started an application. WHAT? I have never even been on this part of their website. There must be something wrong. Well, I sent for the pass word they had on file. When I opened my email from them to see what my password is. It was a password I use to use over 11 years ago. I was stunned. How did they get this password? Well, I signed it using this password and the information they had on file was my information from 11 years ago. It appears that I had begun this process with them and had completely forgotten about it. Still to this day, I have no reculection of Ross Univesity or ever applying to medical school. I know I use to joke with my best friend, who is an RN that we should go to medical school together. But, I do not remember ever researching what it took to get in. Well, this was another sign to me that my DESTINY has come again, that a complete cirlce has manifested and nothing can or will stop me from walking through this door NOW... I had all my transcripts and LOR sent. I spoke with a couple of my doctor mentors. One was familiar with the school and had worked with practicing physicians from Ross, that was encouraging. There was a mix up in my biology professor's LOR. Ross said they never recieved it even two weeks after she mailed it. So, I asked her to fax it over and send the original via mail. Well, she did that and within two hours of her faxing it. My application was put into interview status. WOW...THIS IS GREAT>>>>> I knew that I was suppose to be here at this moment in time. GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD!!!

Wow, it's been a long time so much has happened...

I can not believe I have not Blogged since Sept 2009. So, much has occurred since then. Unfortunately, November 2009, on my 40th birthday, my husband, my friend, my groom passed away. He was fighting prostate cancer. It was a horrific ordeal. I think the only thing that kept me going during that time was following purpose. He needed me, the kids needed me and I needed to stay busy following my purpose. I found myself engulfed in finding ways to improve his health. In order to get everything done, it had to be scheduled. My days were filled at doctors appointments, my nights at school, and every Monday afternoon I had to do my volunteer work at the clinic. I had to cut down my class schedule, even attend school at night, so I could take him to all of his appointments. He went through almost 9 months of chemo, 59 radiation treatments, hormone therapy, etc. He was the best. Smiling and very encouraging til the end. At one point, I told him I am going to take a semester off to attended to him, soley. He said, "NO, You go to school. I'm just sitting here." I cut my classes down so that I would be home by 11:30 am and I arranged for his brother- in- law to sit with him twice a week until I got home. Craig was faithful in that aspect. Thank you so much Craig for your support. Well, as my fall semester 2009 was winding down or should I say gearing up towards finals. My husband, my friend began to detioriate. He was not eating or drinking. I would plead with his Palatative care doctor, I need help. He's not eating or drinking much. He was weak. They started him on a new regime of Ritalin for energy and other drugs to help him feel hungry. Well, for that first week we had a miracle. He regained his energy, strength and was eating. I was stoked. We even had a birthday party for him in October. His best friends in the whole world came to spend it with him. We had a ball. I have a video of the weekend. That weekend Donald was determined to get better. He began walking around the house, believing he would get better. Reflecting back to the day we were first referred over to Palatative care, because his oncologist had nothing else to offer us. It was hard to get him to go. He refused to go. He did not want to face or hear what they had to say. I was trying to encourage him to go because we needed help to maintain his high quality of life. They provided him with the comforts he needed. They provided us both with counselling, how to end of life issues, how to explain to the children what's going on. There service was great, considering the horrific reality we were facing. I must say through the whole ordeal Donald was amazing. He was the bravest person I've ever met. Even his final hours here, he was trying to make me laugh, wishing me happy birthday, telling me to stop with the tears, "We are going to be fine. We are going to make it through this." I told him I was not crying, my sinuses were acting up. I noticed a huge difference in him from the day before. None the less, I know he would be proud of me today. I did not stop or quit finishing my prerequisites, even in the toughest times of my life. Thanks Donald for your inspiration to continue on following my dream.