Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Interview Felt GOOOD...

I just finishing meeting with the interviewer from Ross. The momentum and tempo felt positive and energetic. I felt that I was able to successful convey to him my desire and why Ross was a great fit for me. Going through my many transcript was hilarious. However, Im glad I had the opportunity to explain why I had so many. In those days, I attend school where ever I was sleeping that semester. When I departed from the Air Force, my living arrangements did not work out as planned. So, I moved around a bit until I found my own apartment. The main thing I pray he received from that is that I was not going to give up on getting my college degree, even if I did not have my own place to live. I was focused on completing my college degree and attending class was the only way to accomplish that. So, thus the many transcripts. Then we talked briefly about my MCAT scores. That was the most uncomfortable portion of the interview. I hate the MCAT.....well, hate is a strong word. But, he wanted to know how I prepared for it. So, I went into initially I thought I could do well with self study of courses that I have yet to be introduced to. Then I realized I needed help and attended a formal class and that's when I performed my highest. So, taking into consideration that when I receive the proper tools to excel, I am capable of doing just that. As I reflect back, I wish I would have tied into what I am currently doing in Cell Biology with why Physics was important to take. Looking at the cell and how the use of membrance electrical potential needed to open and close voltage gated channels to stimulate an Action Potential, now I see why I had to take Physics. It's all coming together. I wish I would have given him antedote like that. But, overall I had done a lot of research. I am pretty confident that this is a good fit for me and I know I will give it my all. Making a 16 month sacrifice for achieving a life long dream is well worth it. As coach saids, "For every sacrifice there is an equal or greater reward." I believe my reward will be over the top. Hello, Medical School.

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