Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring 2009....

Looking at the Spring schedule, it is impossible for me to take 3 classes at night with labs. The most I can take are 2. So, that's fine. That means my semester should be a bit easier, right? Wrong. Spring 2008 was hetic.

I thought I was scheduling my classes at night so that I can work during the days. But, as it turned out my husband needed me more. He had doctors appointments sometimes 4x per week. The chemo treatments were a lot. He even had to go through radiation. This was tough.

So, going to school 4 nights a week and being with him through all of that, plus volunteering was incredible. I had to schedule everything. As long as I knew where I was suppose to be that day and at what time, it all came together. I took Chem II and Physics II, and managed to make every Chem II class and missed Physics II twice, due to hospital appointment conflicts. My instructors were amazed at my dedication to family and my studies. Although I did not finish this semester with the best GPA as planned it still was acceptable, 3.0. The semester ended May 5.....YEAH!!!

I did manage to get a temporary job at the end of March for about 6 weeks. I worked 40 hrs per week and could not wait until this assignment ended. I needed to start studying for the MCAT. Thank God during this time my husband did not have any appointments and he was recupperating very well.

Spring 2009 had to be the most challenging thus far. Mostly from the aspect of caring for my husband and functioning in the unknown. One thing for sure, during this time my faith in GOD was stregthened and GOD saw me through, us through.....Thank you FATHER FOR YOUR LOVE FOR US...

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