Thursday, May 21, 2009

MCAT Studying.....

Why is do much wait put on the MCAT? I really hate that....My goal is to score at least a 30. But, realistically, I have never done well on standardize exams. I have have my nose in my MCAT books, taken practice exams and am believing that on May 22, 2009, I score BIG!!!!

I have answered over 1001 questions on Organic Chemistry, 700 on Physics, 300 Biology, 400 on Chemistry and still feel like I need more help. I guess this is when faith comes in. I wish I had more time to study for the MCAT.

Tomorrow is May 22. I have to drive to Beaumont, TX, a two hour drive. And believe GOD for favor on that exam.

Although a lot of pressure is put on the MCAT, I still believe I have a very strong and competitive application. So, after speaking with the dean of admissions, he saids do not put to much pressure on myself, just do my best. They have accepted scores a lot lower than the mean of 31.

One thing I have going for me this summer is the UT Medical School Summer Research Program. I am very excited about this. It starts May 27. So, I have 5 days after the MCAT to celebrate and relax. Then, the fun really begins. I am looking forward to participating in the program. I pray I will gain insight, LOR from my lab mentor, and get to meet a few of the admissions committee members. I know life is about who you know as well.

LORD, lead me to the correct answers on the MCAT, lead me to make the right connections and proper influence while participating in the search program, govern my steps according to YOUR will for my life. I pray that I will be a huge asset to the research program and am able to make a momentus contribution to the advancement of medical solutions. Make my life impactful and my presence will change lives for the better. AMEN

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