Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is truly amazing...

As I am sitting at my computer tonight, it hits me like a ton of bricks....THIS IS TRULY AMAZING...I am living in the Carribean with my 8yr old son...If you would have told me this 10, 5, 3, or even 1 year ago...I would have said, "Really."   But, the experience has been absolutely wonderful...Although school has not started yet, just getting familiar with our newsurroundings is so amazing...

I know I am going to love the atmosphere.  I love the water...I grew up at the beach...swimming, skating, riding bikes, etc.  So, this carribean atmosphere is very rewarding. I feel like Im at home...I feel a tremendous peace within. I'm at the right place at right time...and for that I am forever grateful..

Do you see the rainbow in the picture below...I took this picture today as we were boating around the island...It was a BLAST...

Rainbows are known to symbolize GOD's promises: a convenant of grace...or even some says that they can be considered bridges from earth to a brighter, happier place.....I like all of those references. 

I was in the accompany of some new friends today, but it felt as though we've known each other forever.  So, as we shared our stories of triumph and our hope for the future, I could not help but see how wonderful life really is, when you are pursuing destiny.  All things work together for good.  People come into your life on every level you are on and help pull you up to the next.  Those are the people you should have in your life.  People that desire to see you continue improving, growing and flourishing in life. 

I must say I am blessed to have a tight niche group of supporters that believe in me, my vision, and my dreams. They know I am going to do what I set my heart to...It's funny I was able to chat with a friend yesterday that I havent talked to in a few years. And they were shocked and surprised that Im in Medical School, now.  They said, "You were talking about that a few years ago.  You did it?"  Wow, did they think I was just jaw jacking....

Im glad those that truly know me know, I only say what I mean and do what I say....In order for us to live a TRULY AMAZING LIFE...our words must line up with our actions.  I tell my sons that all the time.  It is an imperative character trait that you must possess. 

Pursue your TRULY AMAZING LIFE....It will manifest...It's never too late..Can you see it?


  1. Lady, you are truly an inspiration! I too am female, 40 with husband and 2 kids. I took the MCAT a few weeks ago. I will get my results in the next week or so. I trust God for the outcome but I still get a bit anxious at times. I want this so badly. It is reassuring to see what He has done for you. God bless you and keep up the good work!

  2. a40yearoldmedicalstudentAugust 29, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Best wishes...I would love to hear how you did on the MCAT...Just remember, there are many ways to get what you want...Go for it...

  3. Girlfriend, the new profile pic is fabulous!

  4. Is so true that we need people in our life who pull us upwards. Finally I have this in my life and it makes everything MORE. That drive to make it is fueled. Also I now have people who are inspired by me and I am the pulling force for my good friend. It is wonderful to be a link in the chain, finally connected after so much isolation. This connectedness makes life be MORE LIFE, makes goodness to be MORE GOODNESS.