Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Intimidation Factor # 1

Today's orientation started off early, 8:30 am....with the traditional welcomes from all the VIPs...via video conference.  Our main office is in North Brunswick, NJ.  So, alot of our support staff are there.  But, it was engaging none the less.  Our dean, Dr. Joseph Flaherty seems to be in touch with where we are going as a school and what is expected in the workforce from up and coming doctors.  He is a graduate of University of Illinois (the largest med school in US) and had work there in various capacities for the past 35yrs.  So, he comes with years of progress experience.  He was very reassuring of the excellent reputation Ross University School of Medicine has in the work place and has found that many of Ross graduates have achieve high residency placement, even in the most prestigous programs.  Like with any other progam, it mainly depends on the person involved.  What you put into it, is what you will get out of it.

We haven't been on the island one week yet, and already we are being told to start thinking about leaving...LOL...Our short 16months here on the island is going to fly by we are told...So, they started pointing us in the directions we should start considering at the end of our 4th semester.  I know...We just got here..and already we should be thinking about leaving...Well, that is leaving under favorable terms...of course..I was happy to find out that the default site for semester 5 is Miami, FL... Sweet..

Now the intimidation factors:  academic grading and promotion system....Semester schedule and curriculum...the real deal...the meat of it all....As the Associate Dean of Education was running down all the facts, times lines and expectations, my heart starts beating fast...My mind begins to race....It is sooo much stuff to get in order.  I have to get organized early....I have to come up with a study schedule..I have to find a emergency babysitter.....I have to ...I have to...I have to..the list goes on and on...So, I know what I will be doing this weekend...Going over all my syllabus, and getting my scheudle in place.

I shouldn't have a hard time getting my schedule under control because, Im use to a pretty busy and tight schedule.  But, at home, I did have a lot of help..My dear Mother....I begged her to join us...Well, I know everything I need is already provided.  A  way has already been made for me to be successful here.  I know I will meet the right people, get into the right study groups and I will leave here after semester 4, ready continue on. 

So, far Jamaal has been a real trooper.  He has attended every meeting with me and is enjoying every minute of it.  He is really engaged in what is going on. This kid is truly special.  Such great discipline already in his life.  He sat thru all the segments and not one time bug me about going to the bathroom or when is it going to be over, etc, etc...He was just as engaged in the talks as I was..LOL....As they were explaining to us about the white coat ceremony, he noticed in the picture that everyone had on white coats.  He said, "Am I going to be the only person there without a white coat? Can I where one of yours?"  He so wants to be a doctor, too....NOW...Well, I guess he flips back and forth between a police officer and a doctor. God bless you son.  You can be and do all of the above...there are no limits in this life...

Then came time for the introduction to the PaCE program.  I decided to apply.  Although there will be some missed lecture becuase of my obligation to the program, it will allow me to keep a tight schedule.  Because everytime we meet for PaCE a quiz will be given.  Therefore, I would have to be up and current on my studies in order to pass the quizes.  Also, after each quiz there is group discussion on the material.  The one on one faculty input as to any gray areas in the material.  All of this is done before each mini exam....So, when I do get to the exam..I should be well equipped with the necessary information.  And another good part is that those in the PaCE program have off site media viewing of all lectures.  This will help make up the lectures that are missed.

So, that ended our first day of real orientation. 
NOW, it's off to the WELCOME BBQ to mix and mingle...

Just like with any new system, there is a learning curve involved.  In order to effectively shorten that curve preparation is imperative.  Staying on top of things, such as dates and timelines..and most important organization.  One thing they did stress is BALANCE....without it life here will be tough.  I think Im pretty good at balancing things effectively...So, I look forward to a success first semester...


  1. a40yearoldmedicalstudentAugust 30, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    Dr. Huynh...take a look at my blog on the Progressive Academic Education program under this months blogs...It's unique to Ross...

  2. ah, thanks for that. it sounds like a great opportunity. my friend did that too and is now doing residency in psychiatry. http://islandmedstudent.com and http://doctorpsychobabble.com

  3. Congrats! God willing this time next year. I will be in your position!

  4. Can you retake a test or class if you fail there? What is their policy on that?

  5. a40yearoldmedicalstudentSeptember 1, 2011 at 8:51 PM

    Hopefully, that would not be the case for anyone i know..But, if you fail one class, you have to repeat the whole semester...YUCK...YUCK...YUCK..