Friday, August 19, 2011

What a FEELING.....!!!!

Another early morning for us.  Christian is being dropped off to college.  I thought I was prepared for this ocassion.  I have given him everything I had in me, in order for him to be successful in life.  Now, it is up to him to use what I've given him and all the other positive influences in his life to make his life "SING" the song he chooses. 

As we arrived on campus (early), there were students and parents scrambling around to get settled in the dorms.  The dorms these days look like luxury apartments.  This generation is so blessed.  The university provided volunteers to assist us with all his stuff.  I had to rent a 16' truck to take all of his stuff.  Not that he had enough to fill it up, that was all the trucking company had available.  So, the unloading part only took less than 10 minutes.  This was really cool....Chrisitan is such a delightful kid (young man), I know he will do well.

We decide to go to lunch....before Jamaal and I hit the road.  During lunch I give him several options:
1.  He could bag out now and live with me until he's 50yrs old with no worries, except being a bummmm and very little self respect....
2.  He could bag out now and take the next year to travel and tour the world, then pick this back up in a year,  OR
3.  He could go forward and excell as he has been taught to do, to finish what he started with no excuses.

Like the smart and intelligent young man he is he chose option #1...No, just kidding.  He chose option #3.  He knows he has all the tools needed to accomplish his goals and he feels he is ready to soar.  Now, that's my SON...(SMILE)

So, as we were departing...Jamaal tears started to flow....By the time I made it to the first stop sign on campus, I could not contain my overflowing tears.....You have to be kidding me.  Me crying?  over progress, a step in the right direction...Come on, Joyce...get it together...LOL 

I soon realized that from day one, I took my parenting very serious. I wanted this day to be as joyous and happy for him as any other major accomplish in his life....Also, I wondering what he father would say or do today....I know that his father would be sooooooo PROUD of him...

Christian is an Awesome Young MAN....Many Blessings to him and his endeavors........

Here is a copy of the text he sent me as I was driving:
"Thank you  and I love you, too.. Also, I just wanted to say, I am very thankful to have u in my life.  You have shown me wonderful things and have taught me the sky is the limit.  You are a fantastic mother!!!!"

Now, how can I stop these tears from flowing with a text like this...I almost had to pull over.  As I looked through my rear view mirror...Jamaal tears have turned into a river and he said, "It's the sun in my eyes.."  too funny....I said, something similar when my dear husband was making his transition, "my sinuses are acting up."

These boys are my world...Im am sooo blessed.  What a FEELING!!!!!

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  1. What a lovely post, that brought tears to my eyes too!!