Friday, August 26, 2011


I can not believe this...Remember, all the dialogue about what I should bring, what I should ship...Well, the truth of the matter is.....I OVER DID apartment is not big enough for all the stuff I either brought with us or am waiting for via shipping...LOL...I was concerned that we would be missing something...But, the truth of the matter, most of the things we have in the US are luxury items anyway...So, what in the world do I do with all that stuff in those two barrels that are on the way here that I thought needed?  Well, I guess the snorkeling gear, my printer, and other electronic stuff (clock/CD/radio), wireless router, etc, etc are needed....

The temperature is so lovely here that you dont need heavy blankets (may not need one at all), coats, or sweaters.  So, leave all that stuff at home...The only place you need that stuff is if the A/C is up too high...
The weather is very comfortable.
This a picture that I took on our way to the campus from the airport.  Absolutely Paradise...WOW..

The assistance and/or help was great at the airport.  Ross had representative to greet you in Puerto Rico and then again once you arrived. 

Going through customs was a breeze.  As a matter of fact, once I got to my apartment and hooked up my laptop, I have a new friend request.  The customs agent found me on facebook and wants to be friends.  Is that friendly or is that creepy...LOL...Im not sure how to take that...

I love the fact that I am really close to campus, walking distance.  However, coming home up hill all the way is a bear.  My back side is sore right, now.  Not to mention, this chair at my desk is the worst.  I must purchase another tomorrow.

My apartment was what I expected except it was dirty, the floors, bathroom, etc.  I spent most of the day bleaching everything down.  The apartment manager is really nice.  He has been very accommodating.  By the time we got to our apartment it was 8:30pm and I had nothing to feed Jamaal.  Although Ross had a reception and the Spousal Org, feed us.  He still needed snacks...So, my landlord was able to call the local grocery store and ask the manager if we could come shop after hours.  And guess what...She said YES.....I felt like Michael Jackson or some celeb..that closes down a store to shop...LOL....Well, we got our goodies and back to our modest new home.

I had an early morning IT oreintation, Met one of Jamaal's teachers, then opened my Dominica Bank Account, and purchased a local cell phone...So, now the fun begins...I think we are going to do a Syndicate Falls and Trail trip tomorrow....


  1. Hello,

    I started following your blog about a month ago. I am glad your move to the Dominican Republic went smoothly. I look forward to reading your journey in medical school in a foreign land.

    I live in H-town. I am debating whether I should consider going to a medical school out of the U.S.

    Good Luck!

  2. glad to hear you had a safe trip. good luck with your first semester!