Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Puerto Rico the Reassurance Station

I learned a valuable lesson from my late husband, plan properly and you want have to rush getting checked in at the airport.  This time I took heed to his advise.  We arrive at Houston Intercontinental Airport two hours early.  And a good thing, too.  All my luggage was overweight.  So, I had to purge some things. Thank God my mother hung around and waited...

I just want to take a moment to thank my mother for all her love and devotion over the pass two years.  She is a real soldier.  If you ever need someone on your team thru the storm and rain...She's the one...LOYAL should be her first name...Love you Mother Dearest...

So, I got all the checked luggage down to 50lbs., and me and my little one were off...Starting our new lives, venturing on our new found territory...It feels good...

We touched down in Puerto Rico...staying here overnight at a resort on the beach...The kicker is, the last three days a hurricane was passing by...So, all water activities have been suspended...But, Im just glad to be "closer to my dream"....

Taking the taxi to the hotel was easy and simple.  A porter greeted us at the Airport to help us with our 4 large  bags and 3 carryons..That was great...He took us straight to a van taxi..($5 tip). Our hotel was less than 5miles fees $11.50 plus $1 per bag...thats okay..I understand...It was slow that day and he was trying to make it up on me.....I was just glad someone was there to help us with all that heavy luggage..then the bell hop tip ($5)...So, the cost to get us to our hotel room..$28...not bad for two people, right? 

As we walked into our beautiful hotel room, with all the tropical flair, Jamaal looks so sad...Then the tears started flowing...He missed his dog, he missed his brother....MY HEART BROKE....for the first time I felt a little scared.  I didnt want him to be sad about all of this...I want him to be his loving and cheerful self...So, I quickly reassured him that we are going to be fine.  Christian is at college and even if we were still at home...Christian would still be at college.  We will see Christian at Christmas and we will work on getting the dog here as soon as possible.  Perhpas, we can get another dog....BOy, did that lift his spirits...I hugged him tightly..And reassured him, we are going to be fine...then I called my mother....She talked him then I know he was fine..watching Good Luck Charlie...or something like that on Nick..Later that evening, as we walked thru the lobby, he said.."I love this place...I dont ever want to leave."  He just need reassurance...Don't we all sometimes..

Our plane is scheduled to leave for Dominica at noon in the morning...pick up time 9:30am...Now, we are talking...A representative from Ross with be at the airport to greet us...SO, that's cool..then it's off to our new home....Change is good....

Reassurance is defined as the actions of removing someones doubts or fears.  How important is it for you to know you are on the right path in life.  Just as an eight year old boy needed reassurance from his mother.  So, do we as those in pursuit of Destiny.  Though sometimes things are unfamiliar and is the unknown, look to the things, the people, the confidants that can give you a dose of reassurance.  Keep it moving.  You are going in the right direction.  You will reach your destiny if you dont faint. 

Be assured today that your Destiny is sealed.  Your dreams are mainifesting..
Today was a GROWING DAY....


  1. I'm so excited for you to be so close to your dreams. Soon you'll be posting about the curriculum at Ross, and how nice it is to live in Dominica. God bless you and Jamaal on your new adventure together.

  2. I have been reading every last drop of your blog, since I found it a few days ago. I am preparing for the post bacc program at St Georges at the ripe old at of 35. I will be 40 when I finish. Your story is so inspirational! God willing I will be admitted in the fall of next year. I am a black female, so its so good to see someone like me entering the field. God Bless you!

  3. you guys are gonna be aok as long as u follow your purpose in the name of Jesus...abigail in houston from puerto rico

  4. a40yearoldmedicalstudentSeptember 5, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    Abigail, Thank you so much...It was a blast meeting you on our flight to PR. I pray you had a fabulous birthday and vacation. It's funny, I was so tired that morning getting up at 2:30am to catch my flight...But, I completely forgot all about the lack of sleep, talking to you....You are a blast...Stay in touch....Love ya!!!