Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FInalizing Match Application

It's September already.  Match 2016 opens, Sept 15th...This is perhaps the most exciting time for a medical student...For the past 3years, the hard work, the tears cried, the prayers made were not in vain.  Match 2016 is the day that I match into MY residency program. 

After 4 years of medical school and graduating with a Doctor of Medicine, aka MD, this is the time for our first job as medical doctors. A residency program can last any where from 3 year to 6 years, depending of your specialty.  This is the time a novice doctor will be tested, tried and perfected, before they go out into the world alone.  So, this is perhaps the most important part of this journey.

I am perfecting my personal statement, tightening up my CV (resume), and obtain all the letter of recommendation from my attending physicians and the most important thing is getting the financing for the application and interviewing process....

With great excitement, I asked myself, "where will I be this time next year?  Where is my new home?"  I know it's going to be absolutely fabulous.  My destiny will lead me to open doors that no man can shut.  I will not be denied.  It's my time to WALK into DESTINY...I have walked in determination, persistence, dedication, resilience, etc, etc, etc.  Those qualities I will always possess...But, to know that 8 years I started on this journey and now...I'm HERE!  I can just imagine the feeling I will have when DESTINY speaks...

The amazing thing about it all is that this is just the beginning, a new chapter to be written...Isn't LIFE WONDERFUL...

Always go into new adventures with great expectations...greatness will manifest...higher spiritual awakenings are there...provision is there...infinite power is there...RISE TO THE Occasion...You were made for this time...this season...this hour...Arise...and Walk in Your DESTINY...it is IN US ALL....Arise!

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  1. Ahhhh :) can't wait for the day I find you on healthgrades lol
    All the best, dear!