Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm Here!

It's September 12, 2015...On Tuesday, Match 2016 opens...I am ready...I have perfected my application, revised my personal statement, I have 8 letters of recommendation, and NOW, I'm READY....

Match season (Residency application time) is the time that 4th year medical students apply for their first job as medical doctors.  Although this sounds very exciting and glamorous, it is far from the truth.  Well, it is definitely exciting, but not glamorous.  This is the time that you demonstrate to prospective employers that you are ready to learn even more and will be a contributing factor to their programs.  The time to roll up your sleeves and dig deep, to use all your critical thinking skills, medical knowledge and be able to continue to build on those...You ARE A DOCTOR NOW!

I am currently working in Internal Medicine ICU, which I absolutely LOVE.  Every time I'm in this environment no matter how tired I am I am keen and open to learn.  Like last night, Friday night, we are dealing with several complicated cases and the Fellow (a fellow is someone that has complete residency and is now specializing is a particular she is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist) kept saying, "We are saving lives here."  ...I replied, "I LOVE IT."  

My excitement is that fact that I am able to understand what is going on is SO SWEET.  I see my growth.   Last November, I was assigned to the ICU, which was a privilege as a 3 year med student and back then I felt I knew absolutely nothing...But, as I have completed other clerkships, I see how my clinical knowledge has grown.  So, now as a 4th year, back in ICU...I am pretty much understanding a lot of what is going on.  Working with good fellows/residents that want to teach you is awesome....

The amazing part of all of this is I am a person that always dreamed of becoming a DOCTOR, as a little girl.  I didn't really know how to get here...I didn't have any doctors in my family or even college graduates.  I was the first person in my family to graduate from college.  And now, at 40+ I will graduate from medical school and begin practicing medicine is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME....

With hard work, dedication and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone the WORLD is YOURS...The journey will not be a piece of cake, but at times it can taste just as SWEET!  With tough times comes good times..and if you know this...You can DO THIS!

Now, go live your dreams!


  1. Congrats on your journey!! Would you be willing to share a bit about being a single mom on the island and how to juggle kids and all nighters. Is it possible to find child care on the island? I have a 2 and 5 year old but they would be closer to 4 and 7 by the time I completed all my prereqs, MCAT and got on the island. Thanks.

    1. If you are attending Ross University..They have a great children care on a matter of fact, they are building a brand new building...Ross Prep School is for grade school kids...but, they have a day care...The teachers there are very supportive and help a lot with homework, because they know parents are engulfed in studying..My son was much older and he had a lot of friends and their parents were professors...So, he spent a lot of Saturdays doing things with them: fishing, tours, etc...Build bridges with other mothers/fathers with kids..They are very helpful..My study schedule had many forms...I lived really close to campus (less than a quarter of a mile) and in a security gated small family like apartment. My landlords were like our grandparents. So, they would look out for my son at night..if anything was to come up...But, most of my study time was at home...I didn't attend class so I was home most of the time...My son walked home for lunch...etc....You maybe able to find you a nanny to assist you...The island has laundry service and all apartments come with weekly maid service...So, my suggestion is to stay within walking distance to campus....and everything is centered around campus...Best wishes on your journey...You can Do it!