Thursday, August 20, 2015

Surgery DONE!

The past 8 weeks of surgery clerkship has been a topsy-turvy experience...It wasn't because of the material needed to be learned, but the interaction with the surgeons.  OMG...I have not been in such a hostile environment since Air Force basic training days....I am glad to say all that is behind me...

The up side of surgery was when I had the opportunity to round with a general surgeon.  He was a great guy.  I loved to watch his interaction with the patients and surgical staff...Great personality.  It goes to show you that you can draw more with honey than with fear and intimidation.  Also, it fosters a great work environment and a positive atmosphere for learning.  He made every patient feel important even if they were overly EXTRA...He knew how to handle the situation without direct confrontation...WISDOM at work....

So, now I step into the world of year of electives....Should be fun, but intense...
I start an elective in community medicine on Monday...Then I begin my Sub-internship in Internal Medicine....Now, this will be heaven for me....I have the pleasure of rounding 6 weeks with Sub-I's  in the ICU during my 3rd year core clerkship and learned so much..So, Now, I will be the Sub-I and pray that I can achieve exponential growth. in care for critically ill patients....

This med school life is starting to ROCK for REAL!

As you push through the tough parts of the road on your journey to GREATNESS and DESTINY, know that you shall reap, if you faint not.  Don't quit mid stream! The storms that are raging are temporary.  The sun will shine again...You MUST see it! You MUST feel it!

Now, go live your dreams!


  1. I want to become a doctor in the future.
    I enjoyed reading your text.
    I am a Iranian girl.
    (I'm sorry I can not speak English well.)
    Good luck to you
    موفق باشین..

  2. Its always a pleasure to see you posted a new blog! I read then always before I go to bed, they make me have nice dreams ;)