Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who's watching you?

After a relative long, but normal day in medical school, my son and I were on our way home,and to my surprise a young lady called out my name and asked if she could talk to me.  I'm not sure how she knows me or even knows my name, but I said, "absolutely...what's going on?"  She began to cry...Oh my gosh, Im thinking to myself.  I just knew she was going to say something about school, our course load, etc.  But, I was shocked when she said, "Joyce, I'm so lonely."  My heart dropped. 

I know I talk a lot about being in pursuit of purpose and not letting anything get in your way from getting what you want.  But, how do you respond to I'm lonely? We sometimes forget that the person next to us is a human being with feelings and desires.  We all are just trying to make it through the next exam, the next block, and to the next semester.  But, some of our peers are not only fighting that same fight, but, they are dealing with other emotional factors, too. 

We are all away from our friends and family.  Im sure loneliless is an issue alot of us face from time to time.  It is so important to build a support group. Call home as often as possible.  Hang out with friends when you can, even if it's just for lunch.  Take a minute to talk to someone walking pass you. Study in groups.  Do not isolate yourself.  Thank GOD I managed to build a support system here and I rely heavily on those in the US.   Moreover,  no matter what you are dealing with right now, it is temporary.  Focus on your promising future.  See yourself with your mate.  See yourself having everything your heart desire.  Cry if you must.  But, Keep believing.  Keep pushing...and before you know it...You will have what you desire. 

I dont believe her days will always be filled with loneliness.  But, she has to believe it, too.  As I began to console, comfort and exhaust her.  Her spirit got lighter.  Her hope was restored. She even was able to laugh...laughter is the best medicine.

We are here to help and encourage each other.  Why do you know the people you know?  Why are you in the work environment you are in?  Why?  Because you have something within you that someone around you needs. 

Note to self:  Be more aware of those around you.  Everyone that is smiling is not happy.  Show geniune concern.  You just might change a life in a big way...

2 Cor 4:16 - 18 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.


  1. such a touching story. I'm glad you could be there for her. I'm at a medical school abroad as well.

    I was dealing with some difficult times over the past week. My roommate was giving some problems, my exams didn't go as well as I had prepared for them, I was missing home and my landlord was not understanding of my situation. I pretty much cried myself to sleep for that entire week. A lot of people at school asked me what's wrong, but I didn't want to burden them with my problems so I just responded with a smile.

    However, I woke up feeling very different today. I told myself, the more upset I get, the more I present myself as being worrisome and the more negativity I carry around with me, I will only induce a positive feedback where that negativity amplifies. So instead, I got a good night's sleep, put on some make-up, new earrings, dressed up in nice colorful clothing and began this day with a tasty and filling breakfast. I noticed myself being more cheerful and more interactive (pretty much back to the normal me).

    So lesson of the day - look at the bright side of things. Reflect and present yourself positively and that is exactly what you will attract. As cliche as it sounds, we're lost in our own little worlds at times that we forget to just stick out head out once in a while to breathe, or better yet, smile because we're alive and doing something we're passionate about.

    1. I am so glad you were able to see the light and began to change your situation, so that it benefited you. It's true, in life everything may not be going as we wished, hoped or dreamed...BUT, we have to look towards the life we want..the life we know we deserve and desire...What our hearts continually to cry out beyond all the distrations, is YOU ARE A CHAMPION! YOU ARE A WINNER! KEEP GOING AND YOUR DAY OF CHANGE STARTS NOW! It starts with your attitude towards your situation. So, do what you must to feel better about yourself, your situation and Tap into see all the beauty GOD has for you..and before you know it..You would have moved so far beyond that situation that it will seem like it never was apart of your life. So, continue to reach towards you desired and expected outcome...I send Peace and Many blessings to you on your journey...GOD speed...

  2. I all I can say is are going to be an AMAZING physician. I sincerely mean that. You are compassionate and you genuinely connect with people. That's what patients need. I'm so inspired and motivated by your posts. I get excited you post new things.

    I would like to ask you a few things about Ross in a private message as I will be beginning my journey soon. How can I message you or email you? If that's ok with you.

    Keep pursuing your purpose. Keep being you and you will continue to make a huge impact.

    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and affirmation.

      Feel free to reply and send me your email...It will not post on the site...Many Blessings to you on your journey...

  3. Living in a "me" world, it's good to focus on the fact that we really should try to support each other!!!

  4. I loved that post. You are so encouraging. I'm currently an undergraduate student, preparing for the MCATs, and the med school admissions process. Often I can feel intimidated or discouraged, I am a firm believer in God and feel I can overcome any obstacle I face. You believe in God and yourself, that's what I love about your blog. Please please please keep the post coming because this is truly an encouragement as I proceed through my scholastic endeavors. It would be nice to email you and get your advice on few things in terms of medical school.

  5. That's amazing.. there is something in you this person could see. I believe she could see you would understand and not brush her off. It must have been hard for her to reach out like that with that confession ! You know people seem to, more times than not, hide what they're really feeling and pretend everythings going fine.. I am sure you helped that young lady :)