Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's GO!!!!!

Okay, literally in two days, I will be taking my last two exams for this block.  I have a Gross Anatomy Practical and my first mini exam of the semester and for some reason I am not motivated to study my normal 12 days...Like right now, I have been on a 3hr break watching tv for the first time in weeks. 

I think I am going to call it an early night and get up early tomorrow morning and start afresh...or should I take a nap and get up in 45 min and start studying?  Well, I will see....I definitely should do practice questions before I retire for the night.

Today, was a nice break from studying.  I  had an Airway lab, where I practiced how to intubate a patient whose airway is obstructed.  I have to strengthen my left hand and arm in order to hold and insert the laryngoscope.  I could not get the scope in Larry the Heads mouth without cracking his teeth.  So, I must go back to lab and practice before the final exam in 8 weeks...It's pretty neat that  by inserting these tools, I was able to see down the manikin's throat and saw the vocal cords...

Laryngoscope handles with an assortment of Miller blades
So, I am quickly approaching the Gastro/Renal module which by the consensus, it is probably the most challenging of them all.  So, I really have to get my batteries recharged.  My mind focused on the outcome I desire.  And get ready for the swift landing...Just 8 weeks til finals...and two more blocks to go...

So, between now and Monday I have to get with it...I have to try to go over all the materail at least twice more before the exams...

So, my message to self.."And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." Gal 6:9


  1. Hello again, and thanks for the well wishes you noted earlier.

    As I noted to you earlier, though, you have what it takes to accomplish your goal. Don't faint! Do rest accordingly. Optimal memory recall requires rest and you have to find out how much rest your body needs to achieve your optimal recall from studying.

    I remain impressed by and proud of, you. You're building an amazing path to MD, and you're doing it without a blueprint. Many great leaders in history traveled a journey similar to your own, and they changed perceptions and realities by doing so.

    In fact, while attending my daughter's high school graduation this weekend, I learned of one of them. An African American male named Mr. Ben Carson. Mr. Carson was told that blacks couldn't become doctors. Yet, he pushed through known and unknown struggles without a blueprint, and became a world renowned neurosurgeon.

    So, please continue to focus and commit to your studying, because your path can lead to greatness for yourself and others (just like the path of Dr. Ben Carson).

  2. Thanks for the push and your words of encouragement...

    I am very familiar with Dr. Ben Carson. His books were a great inspiration to me when I first began this journey..I even had my son to read, "Gifted Hands" ...He has a remarkable story.

    Many Blessings...

  3. Hello,
    I'm Izabela and at the beginning - sorry for errors, but I'm not an english native speaker. I'm from Poland, I'll be 39 in the following month and I'm going to study medicine next year, I hope. We've got different way to became a medical student, but at the end we've got to pass the exam of biology, chemistry and physics too. It's going to be a busy time for me :) But I'm so happy and hope you'll keep writing your blog cause it is very motivating. I keep my fingers crossed for you and I'll be looking here after new messages.
    Take care and thank you very much for the blog and hope that you're giving :)

  4. SO great to find your Blog... I will be in mid-to late 30's once I complete my pre-reqs and apply for med school