Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NeuroScience Practical Over and done with...

WOW...As we all pushed to excel on this Neuroscience practical...I left the exam last week feeling pretty good...I Thought I absorbed as much information about Basal Ganglia, Diencephalon, Cerebrellum, Motor Systems, CNS Blood Supply, NeuroPharm, etc, etc....to answer any questions thrown my way on the practical...Results should be out today....All in all, I must keep pushing forward.  I can not let one ocassion on this journey paralysis my progress to the next phase. 

We have three weeks until our first mini exam and first gross anatomy practical for the semester....Yes, they are one day apart....We just started Endocrine yesterday..So, I know the time is going to fly by...The major task in medical school is managing your time.  Being able to take in more information, while you review the past 4 weeks of information as well.  We learned in our class on Memory, repetition is the way to get information stored into our Long Term Memory: Long Term Potentiation, the long lasting enhancement in signal transmission between neurons = informatino stored into memory banks.  So, coming up with a schedule to reveiw weekly (sometimes multiply times within the week) all the material is key to success. 

It's quit interesting how we have some much control over the things most feel that have no control over.  It has been scientifically proven that we can potentiate our gene expression by our thoughts. I learned that in undergrad in my cell biology class.  And now, Im learning that we can increase our capacity to handle complex information or store more information, through our thoughts by repetition.  Isn't that what the scriptures state, "whatsoever a man thinks, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

So, this all boils down to YOU. What do you want?  How far are you willing to go?  How bad do you wanted it?  How many opportunies are you going to let slip by you? How many excuses can you come up with why you CAN'T do it, NOW?  As the late Rev. Ike says, "GET YOUR BUT out of the way."

 The majority of us can accomplish our dreams and goals, etc in life through STRONG PURSUIT....Set your mind, thoughts, beliefs and energy towards the course in life you want  and pursue it.  Go for it...It's yours...I see it...Do you?

Now, go live your dreams....


  1. Hello. I note thank you yet again. I know the road to your Medical Degree can be rough but, you have what it takes to get to the other side.

    Your blog, helps.

    I have grown tired on my way to the road you're on. I have and continue to face many road blocks (my but(t) included). However, reading your blog keeps my dream of becoming a physician alive.

    Even though today was the first day of my promotion to management at work, I came home and checked your blog for an update. I was hungry, tired, craving an aspirin, and hoping to read something that would speak into my spirit (okay, "almost" yell into my spirit) "do not let the promotion take you off the road to medical school".

    You whispered, but it was right when I needed it. It has me rethinking this, 15 hours a day with no chance at taking evening premed courses, promotion.

    ...so since I began my blog as I noted to you earlier, maybe I can get back on the road to medical school soon. To do that, though, I need to strengthen my pursuit to medical school and I see that, now.

    Thank you again for your time and posts. I appreciate your efforts more than my words can express.

  2. COngratulatinos on your promotion...Have no fear...Some times our course in life takes us to and through points that are needed to strengthen us for once we get to the other side. ALways remember, "All things are working for your good." (Romans 8:28). You must believe you are in the right time, right place and are on course. The bible says, promotion comes from GOD..Psm 75:6-7...So, Know that though you road to your dream is not straight but may have some twist and turns...You will get there...God will make every crooked road straight (Luke 3:5)....So, nothing before the time...it all will come together and will be better than GOOD...Many blessing to you in your PURSUIT....

  3. I have been an NP for five years and have always wanted to be a physician since high school. I have been feeling the "nudging" for many years to go for it even when I started do my post bacc nursing program. When I was in 26, I thought I was told old to try after reading blogs and forums that give you the statistical breakdown of the average med student class profile. Now I am 35 and decided to finally enroll for my pre reqs. I Came across your blog and it really has encouraged me. I know that this is God ordained as this "nudging" has never gone away for one second in the last 18 years. I believe that God placed you in this field and he will see you through all the way. Keep posting your blogs because it is such an encouragement.

  4. Yes, I remember hearing all the statistics on the average age of a med students (23 to 25yrs old)..I even was told by several so called advisors..I would never get in medical school..BUT, GOD..HE gave me favor beyond measure. If there is a will there is a way...You have to go for what you believe is yours and watch the doors open for you...Dont let others opionions stop you for pursuing your desires....Best wishes on your journey..