Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's not meant to be..

This afternoon on our med school blog site a fellow student posted, I will quote her, ".....Either you know the material or you don't. Meant to be a physician or not meant to be. You have to accept it. I dont believe in forcing something that is not suppose to happen..."   I could not believe what I was reading.  There's more to the rant she posted..But, I wanted to's not meant to be, so just accept it."

This made my head start swimming.  Does she not realize that many people have overcome obstacles through forcing the issue?  That's why slavery ended in America.  That's why minorities are allowed an education.  That's why women are allowed to vote.  That's why I can live anywhere I please.  Because someone forced the issue. 

We as Americans have a right to force the issues of injustice, unfair practices, and/or a plea for a second chance.  This is the land of second chances (maybe even 3rd or 4th chances if your willing to go after it).  That's why many groups of people have left their homeland to come to the US to live the American dream of obtaining what they are told they could not have or do elsewhere.  Many of my fellow classmates are from other countries and they have shared with me that when you finish high school you are told what field you can go into.  No choices or second chances given.  Well, this is the United States of America..the land of second chances...

THe only limits in this life are those that you impose on yourself.  Push the limits.  Dream big.  Go where ever you need to go to get what you want out of life.  Take a risk.  Don't ever let fear or intimidation stop you from forcing the issue.  Push with all you up and then push some more..

I disagree with her statement.  Many people are tricked to believing this fallacy.  In life you are going to have hills and valleys, smooth roads and some bumpy roads, but never loose heart or hope that YOUR DREAM IS OBTAINABLE. 

Know that whatever your heart can conceive, you can achieve.  God will direct your path (prov 3); Do not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart (Gal 6:9). 

So, is it meant to be? Only if you believe it is...All things are possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23)...Keep on BELIEVING...Keep on DREAMING..


  1. This is a very very very very good inspiration!

    You scared me for a bit with the title of this blog entry.

  2. Once again so very inspiring! There will always be naysayers out there. It's up to us to prove them wrong with God's help. Thanks for your perserverance. This helps pave the way for the rest of us. God bless!

  3. You scared me for a moment with this title, lol. I totally agree with everything you have stated, and thank you for reminding us all of this truth. If you say you can't, than you can't. If you say you can, than you can.

  4. Very good advice. There is nothing you can't do if you keep working at it.

  5. Hello Joyce (I'm still rooting and praying for you).

    Again your post is amazing and inspirational. I have encountered many individuals that believe in the "if it's meant to be it will be, and if it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be", philosophy.

    It took me a long time to figure out the reasoning behind their philosophy, and then I forgot it (I guess it wasn't meant to be).

    Seriously, though, I think the above philosophy is a way of letting yourself off the hook for walking away from a challenge. Many graduates of your institution were denied acceptance into a US medical school, which could have easily been a convincing sign that becoming a doctor was not meant to be.

    It is important to note that Ross created a path for individuals that desire to conquer medical school and become a medical doctor. It is up to each and every medical student to do what is required to conquer the challenges that medical school present, to them.

    Thus, the question is not whether it is meant to be or not meant to be? The question is whether you really want to become a doctor? I pray that all of those currently studying to become a medical doctor understand that cures exist because someone decided that what was happening should not be happening.

    More specifically noted, even though doctors knew that a certain disease killed millions of people and that it was common for most doctors to give up on the patient's survival once diagnosed with that disease, a cure came after one doctor decided to challenge the disease to avoid the patient’s death (it was, then it wasn't meant to be).

    As for you, please remember that, even if others walk away from the challenge of medical school, doing that it is not an option for you, because it's not meant to be...

    I wish I was there with you but, I talked myself out of this journey one too many years. As of now, I have too many prereqs left before I can get to where you are, and you'll be on the next level by the time I do so.

    Nevertheless, I thank you again for sharing your journey with us. My blog is coming soon (writing this 3rd post on your blog has me excited about my journey. I can't wait to help widen the road you're paving).

    Be blessed Joyce.

  6. I don't know you, but I admire you, and you inspire me. You are like doctor/preacher.

  7. I've just started following your blogs, as I'm currently applying to Ross. I too am over 40 years old. I couldn't agree more with you on this post. On my journey to med school, I've had my share of naysayer's who postured that what I'm pursuing is a "pipe-dream" or "a joke" and who tried to talk me into giving it up for something more "practical and financially secure". Thank goodness I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to something I want, because I might of given up a long time ago. Even if Ross doesn't accept me, I will apply to another school, and another school after that. I truly believe in that saying, "where there's a will, there's a way!" Thank you, Joyce, for inspiring me to keep pushing!

  8. I know this is...several years old now, but I needed it today.
    Thank you Joyce.
    I am 42 years old and am coming up on the end of the second cycle of applications. Last year I applied to 4 schools, got 4 no's. This cycle I applied to 24 schools and to date I have gotten 19 no's. I will be considering Caribbean schools if my 'no' count reaches 24. My husband and 7 year-old son would be coming with me (my older daughters live independently) which, as I research the Caribbean schools, appears to be a logistics nightmare.
    But I am holding out hope, and trusting my Jesus that he knows what he is doing and he is FOR me, and I am his beloved-and that is worth holding on to!

    1. Thanks for posting...I'm excited for you...all you need is ONE YES.....

      FYI Caribbean schools after admission 3x per year...So, you do not have to wait until next can be in by May or Aug...Make sure you inquire about the school for your son...Overall it will be a wonderful experience for you guys...Best wishes

  9. You are amazing!! Best wishes