Thursday, July 14, 2011

WOW, ProLife or ProChoice

Last Saturday night, my family and I attending a graduation party for one of my oldest son friends.  Im so proud that my son has been able to choose his friends wisely.  He sits among the best in his high school class.  All of his friends graduated with honors and so did he.  The young man party we attended graduated number 12 out of 658 students.  My son graduated number 91 out of 658, which put him in the top 13% of his class.  This is a great accomplishment within itself. And both of the young men are African American MALES.  Way to go!  That is NEWS WORTHY...

As I was sitting there at the party looking at all the young recent grads laughing and dancing and having a good time, there was one young girl that I truly found remarkable.  She graduated number 7 in their class, she was the drum major of the band, smart, intelligent and with a promising future.  I thought the young lady that was attending the party with her was her sister, but my son told me that, "no, that's her mom."  I thought wow her mom sure looks young.  My son told me her mother gave birth to her at age 16. 

WOW...In today's society when millions of babies are being aborted for all kind of reasons, this young mom saw fit to give birth to her child.  The amazing part about it all is, this baby born out of wedlock had a destiny all her own.  She was destined to be here on earth, to achieve greatness in her studies, to be the drum major in her high school band, to be in THE TOP 1.06% of her class.  This is truly amazing.

I wish this story could be told to all the young women  making life changing decisions concerning there unborn child.  Perhaps, the situation may not be optimal or the way they could have wanted it to be.  But, they are carrying a child of destiny, of hope, with a future.

ProLIFE or ProCHoice....???  Very interesting....Just a thought...

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  1. Congrats to your son, following in Mom's very successful footsteps!!

    As for the abortion issue, while I won't go as far as to say women shouldn't have the right to have one, I certainly never have and never will believe a woman should ever choose to have an abortion.