Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Up to Speed....

Well, today started off very slow..I really wasn't going to do a whole lot.  But, as I began to read other fellow bloggers blogs today.  I realized. I have a lot of thigs to do.  I need to go shopping...LOL..

So, off we went.  First to Garden Ridge to get things like bedding, mattress covers, pillows, water bottles, a sandwich holder, etc.  Since, next year Jamaal will have to take his lunch and moving up to a full size bed.  I'll be moving down from a King size bed to a full size bed.  That's okay though, I'll probably wont be getting much sleep anyway.  I am going to have to master sleeping slouched in a chair.  LOL

Then off to Target.  We were on the hunt a Spiderman lunch box.  Not a one in site.  Not even at Walmart. Wow...We did find some cool Spiderman rain boots.  We had to settle for a How to train your dragon lunch box. We were able to get a snorkling kit, a lot of bug spray, sunblock, speedo water shoes, and a ton of movies...Im on a roll....

Then I came across...Something I've been wanting to get to cut down on utilities...MAJIC JACK...No more monthly phone bills.  It's pretty neat.  You can carry your phone system around with you where ever you go. All you need is your laptop, a phone and internet connection. You get a local phone number.  That is so cool.  It's only $19.95 per year. That's only $1.66 per moth. What a big difference from $35/month, Im paying now.  I should have done this years ago.

Then I came across, a mini webcam..Alright this this great.  Everything all in one store.  I love the USA.  So, my oldest son and I tested it out with Skype and we are LIVE.  Now, we can communicate with him face to face while he is away at college and we are away at med school. 

So, I had a great day of shopping with a purpose.  What a great 4th of July....


  1. Hi there! I came across your blog last night while perusing the Caribbean Med Student blog page. I am so inspired by your story! I am also a nontraditional student who will be starting at St. Matthew's University School of Medicine in Grand Cayman this Fall. I look forward to hearing more about your preparation and transition to Dominica! I wish you all the best. Stay encouraged! I have no doubt that God's grace and mercy will carry us both through this journey to becoming physicians!

  2. Hi! My name is Elizabeth Gonzalez. I just had my interview on July 6 for Ross, still waiting to hear back. I'm so happy to have found this site and read that if accepted I'll have at least one sister in Christ with me! :) I'll also be bringing my son, he's only 3 though. I've put it in God's hands and know He will continue to provide and guide...

  3. congratulation to you both and I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will continue to Bless all of your endeavors...

  4. HI!!! It's Elizabeth again (I posted on this thread on July 10 above). I have been accepted for the January '12 term. Can you send me your e-mail or something. Have some questions. For example child care. I know your child is much older than my 3 year old but do you have a plan for his sick days? Where did you choose to stay at etc. I have yet to receive my welcome package but I've started on buying things... my e-mail is elizabegon1@yahoo.com Thanks~!