Monday, January 19, 2015

"I Have A Dream"

Today in the United States is a National Holiday celebrating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. On the shoulders of so many great people of my past, am I able to pursue my dream today. I had a dream as a young girl to one day become a practicing physician. I never considered myself the smartest kid, although I graduated from high school at the age 16. I started school at age 3...and scrambled to keep up with those around me, never wanting my peers to know my true age. I made decent grades in high school...I even was chosen to attend a college program during the summer before my senior year in high school (in which I completed the program with a 3.33 GPA at age 15yrs)...I still didn't see the reality of my dream... After graduating from high school, I took a year off and worked three jobs...just to pay my $200 car note...Then, one of my aunts talked me into going into the Air Force and there I could get money for college. Okay, now a plan was coming together. I went to talk to a recruiter and signed up. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour in the military. I was "ate up". I was the golden child of the squadron...I was on the base honor guard, received top annual performance reviews...I won several awards, was chosen for early promotion...enrolled in college...earned my Associates degree...I excelled...My confidence was at an all time high...So, I decided to go check on the Air Force Boot Strap program where the military would pay for me to go to school, all the way through medical school. After speaking with the counselor, I was discouraged. I was too afraid to try...So, I put my dream on a shelf and pursue a degree in Business...Which worked out fine for me, but it wasn't what I truly wanted to do with my life. You must know your self worth. You must know that you are worth a "try". If you feel you have the dedication, the determination, then you are worth a try. Push fear to the side to PUSH FORWARD....This is why most of my blogs ring with the same theme...don't let fear, excuses, and/or other opinions stop you for being the best you, you desire to be. I have had many discouraging so called "counselors" on this journey tell me otherwise...but, I refuse to accept their discouragement as my final destination...I HAVE A DREAM...I'M LIVING MY DREAM... IT IS UNFOLDING BEFORE ME DAILY... So, as we remember Dr. King today, rekindle your DREAM, grasp your faith in your destiny, know that it's never too late...if there is a will there is a way...make the will be worth it...for every sacrifice there is an equal or GREATER REWARD.... Now, go LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

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  1. That's a very passionate piece. I now know why I have been drawn to your blogs for many years now. I too am in the military, Navy (don't hold that against me). I too have put my dreams on hold partly for fear that I wasn't good enough and the other part is just life's complexities. I have had a reinvigorating desire to accomplish my dream of being a physician and I am going for it. I am planning on tackling the MCAT this year and hope to matriculate into medical school in 2017 after I retire. Thank you for you stories and God bless.