Saturday, January 17, 2015

FREE YOUR MIND the art of Psychiatry...

It's a NEW Year 2015....Happy New Years...I'm seventeen days into 2015 and I have not posted...what's been going on with me? I start my Psychiatry rotation. I had mixed feelings about psychiatry, not really know if I would like it or find it interesting. But, I've gotten good reports from my peers on how they fell in love with psych on their rotations. So, I wanted to see for myself. I've been told by many people I should be a psychiatrist, since I'm always analyzing people, trying to fix people, or trying to save them. But, not having any first hand exposure to the field, I just thought prescribing medications was the jest of it. Now, that I am starting my third week rotation with a very busy psychiatrist, I see that psychiatry is more than prescribing medications. The skills used in diagnosing are the same as an ER doctor, just using different tools. As patients enter the office doors, they are looking for answers to their behaviors that maybe impairing their functionality on their jobs, in their relationships, or just within themselves, a psychiatrist is there to help. I know that there is a negative stigma in a lot of communities about going to a psychiatrist. But the truth of the matter, visiting a psychiatrist office is no different than seeing your primary care doctor or rushing to the emergency room when you need acute care. I guess that's the beauty of medical school, you get to explore physical ailments as well as mental ailments and provide solutions that best fit the patient lifestyle individually, customized patient care. Just as in physical treatment, not all illnesses can be controlled or cured and the same as with the mental illness. The many layers of psychiatry are unfolding before me and I'm excited to continue to see my journey. Whatever your mind concieves, you can achieve...unknown Now, go live your dreams!

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  1. I hope you have the time to share your thoughts on your psychiatry rotation. I'm still pre-med, been following your blog since I began, and thought about the med route because of my interest in brain science and mental health. Love reading your posts!