Monday, October 6, 2014

What are you made of?

It's been three weeks in I'm in the thick of things in my Emergency Room rotation...Yes, ER...It is part of our internal medicine rotation...I am so happy to have this opportunity.  I give Thanks and Honor to GOD for allowing me to live out this dream.  It is so exciting.  I started in the ER a couple of weeks ago, not really knowing what to expect, except what I've attentively watched on one of my favorite shows, "Untold stories of the ER."  Well, being in the middle of it all, is a totally different story.

I've never really had much experience in the hospital setting, (for those of you that do not know my background, I'm was a mortgage broker prior to pursuing my dream.)  I did some volunteer work on a hospital ward, but mostly in a clinic setting.  So, actually being a student doctor in a hosptial is a whole different story.  So, my first day reporting to the ER was so exciting and I found out what I was really made of....CHICKEN. ...LOL...

I have never been so nervous in all my soon as I get there....guess what? A CODE was in route from Emergery Rescue Team....I was terrified. ...I was told, "get in there doc help out"...I thought I was going to pass mind went totally blank...I was horrified....a nurse asked me to place a pulse oximeter on the patient finger and I freaked out...I couldn't do it.  Thank GOD I was with a more seasoned 4th year med student that showed me what the nurse was asking...basically it was like putting on a band-aid...LOL....That day I will never forget...The day I perhaps fell in love with ER medicine....

In such a fast pace setting at times, you have to be able to think quickly and with confidence.  I had to draw on my confidence knowing that I am there to learn and the attending physicians are there to assist and guide me.  My confidence meter was on very low, needed to be recharged, refilled, re-ignited.  So, I did what I normally do in cases like this...I went inward, prayed upward, sought wise counsel from those that truly believe in me and the next week, I was ready to move forward in confidence. 

My second week came quickly.  Not sure that I was performing well or to my standards, I shook off last week and pushed forward to a better second week.  One thing I found, there is no time for pity parties, you have to shake off , go home and study what you  did not remember that day and move forward to the next day..For tomorrow holds worries of it's own.. Matth 6:34....

As soon as I get in to the ER, a patient with respiratory failure  arrives via EMS and is not ventilating...I began interviewing the husband and trying to get the story and I heard the doctor say we have to intubate her.  I was terrified...The doctor ask who patient is this?  Of course, she was mine.  So, guess what, I had to intubate her...The doctor with a patient but blunt way began to quiz me on the spot on the procedures of intubation, sedation, etc, etc...With the best support team and fellow colleagues, a successful intubation was accomplished. 

Now, I so want to learn everything I can to be the best ER doctor, but I still have such a long way to go.  I'm still building my tolerance at the sight of blood or anything else gross..I saw with my own eyes some nauseating stuff stomach was so upset my first week...I couldn't stand very much.  I was so embarassed.....But, I made it thru my shifts....and now I'm in my last week...

Although it's early in my clinical rotations and where I finally decided to plant my roots, only GOD knows; this I know I am enjoying the ride.  And with all jokes I know what I'm made of: perservance, dedication, tenacity, excitement, resilience, strength, faithfulness, wisdom, peace, righteousness, meekness, and humbleness.  As we use to say as kids, "sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what girls are made of!"

What are you made of?  Are you doing all you know and/or can do to live out your desires in this life?  Because what you truly believe you are made of ....WILL manifest in your surroundings, in your attitude, in your LIFE...

Now, go live YOUR LIFE like you only have ONE!


  1. Wow, sounds like quite an adventure. And you're handling it! That's so great this experience has allowed you to come to the realization you are meant to be an ER Doctor. Don't worry, one day YOU will be the seasoned skilled Attending giving the orders to and testing the knowledge base of terrified med students :) Blessings!

  2. "went inward, prayed upward, sought wise counsel "

    what an inspirational statement. I am premed and I am devoted to getting into medical school. It has been a rocky road but I truly believe that success is not a straight line. There are peaks and valleys. Just praying that I get in and become the best physician I can be. your story is soo inspirational. Check out my Blog:

  3. Awesome story! So encouraging!!!

  4. You will do GREAT!!! Woman of GOD continue to pray upward! And the Lord will lead you to those open doors! Beautiful Spirit! Btw, I enjoyed your presence in the Dr.Office on yesterday:)

  5. I was wondering how you do this. Do you work too? How do you balance babies and school? I work full time as a teacher and would LOVE to go to med school.

  6. Yes, I work but not for school is 3 fulltime cannot work a traditional job....You must have a strong support system to assist you if you have children, everything else is second....125% sacrifce and dedication is required...If you have the WILL there is a learn to manage your precious time wisely....