Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Waiting in Faith...

This morning I woke up concerned about my performance on Step 1.  As I have been going back over questions that were lingering in my head, it seems that most of the questions had two part answers to them...And, I'm not sure if I answer both parts of the questions...I know I got the first part correctly but the second part..not so sure.....My deepest desire, prayer, wish, hope is that I answered enough questions correctly to move to the next step on this journey.....Hospital Clinical Rotations....

I have a great support system and so many people believe in me...which is priceless.  But, it's kinda irritating to hear so many people arbitrarily say, "You got this."  "You did fine." "No need to worry."  I know they are being supportive.  But, the truth is I don't know that I "got this", I don't know if "I performed well"..That exam was the hardest exam, I've ever taken.  I must stand in Faith knowing GOD knows that way that I take and He will delight in my way.  This is the time in life when I must push out every self doubt, and believe GOD is with me.  He is leading me and guiding me into all truth.  I have been destined for this path and no exam can deter me.  I will conquer this step in my journey and I will continue on to complete that which I set out to do.  Although, the exam was heart retching and heart breaking...I must believe it is all working for my good.  I have made it through many twist and turns on the path and each time GOD has seen my through successfully.  I have to wait in FAITH...knowing my ending shall be greater than my beginning.  I am walking out my dream.  I am on the path that I always wanted and now...I must continue on in FAITH...

Although my abilities, may seem very limiting to me at this time, I know the GOD that I serve FAVOR is for a life time.  He will shine on me like the noon day and all that I put my hands to do will succeed!

There were definitely gaps in my knowledge and this is the part that is scary.  For instance, I knew that taking Vitamin C with iron supplements increase absorption of the iron; however, I did not know the mechanism of action of Vitamin C on iron.  Missing that last step in the concept, caused me to choose the wrong answer.  If I had time to reason it out, I would I choose the correct answer.  Iron must be in the reduced state in the human body (Fe 2+) and Vitamin C helps iron stay in it's reduced form...WOW, I knew that...I pray this question doesn't haunt me for the rest of my medical career....I heard some of my professor talk about questions that have haunted them their whole career from their first licensing exams..So, perhaps this is a part of human nature, to go over and over in your head questions missed.  Well, I would say I will never miss that question again...

So, as I wait on my scores....I'm doing everything in my conscious and subconscious mind to think positive thoughts..Picturing myself receiving good news.  Opening my results and seeing "CONGRATULATIONS, You PASSED USMLE STEP 1!"

Stay in Faith...Follow your dreams!


  1. I have been following your journey as I am on the same path. Remember, "If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, you will HAVE what you say" !!! Whenever anyone asks you how you did even before you know your score, tell them you did EXCELLENT!!! "Whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven. Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven". Bless you mighty warrior! Bless you.....:)

  2. Rooting for you. How did you do?

  3. I guess we will never see a post from you again? Too bad you have lots of people pulling for your success! You will survive just keep putting one foot in front of another.

  4. I am so proud of you. I am currently in med school and it has been extremely challenging this past semesters but I have Faith that GOD is still on the throne. This time next year, I will be taking the Step I and know that HE is with me. Looking forward to hearing the great news!