Thursday, June 26, 2014

I did it - Step 1 COMPLETED!

So many emotions are running through my mind and body right now....I have been up 21 hours now....too excited to sleep...too tired to go to bed...I've been going through First Aid for the past few hours trying to look up questions from my exam...and that alone is exhausting...I'm hoping and praying that I did better than how I felt taking the exam...

I finished the exam at 4:30pm today and as I was walking out the office into the main lobby of the building, the young lady that was sitting next to me was crying her eyes out.  She couldn't understand why "they" made the exam so difficult. "We put so much time, energy and sacrifice into studying for this exam (some up to 6 mos), and they take it all away in one day." At that point, I couldn't help but forget about my horrible experience and I sat down to console her....Nothing is in vain, every disappointment is a stepping stone for a greater victory.....So, stand tall you made it to the other side. It was perhaps the most challenging curriculum on earth and you are half way done....Now, after sitting there with her one hour....Both of our hearts and souls were purged...I may never see her again in life...but little does she know...she helped me get outside the obvious and stay in faith knowing GOD has not brought me this far to leave me.....Selah

No matter what it looks like I am choosing to stand in faith and believe GOD will open doors that no man can close...Job 23:10, "He knows that way that I take; when He has tested me I shall come forth as pure gold.."

Now, go live your dreams....It is possible...!

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