Monday, December 3, 2012

What does this all mean?

Each day we all go about our daily tasks, as if our lives are the only ones that really matter.  I would like to think that my recent experiences have cause me to take a closer look at those around me.  I am having the pleasure to study medicine abroad in a culture unlike what I am use to, with classmates from all over the globe.  I have met students from all over the world and we all are here together at this point in time...WOW, that is amazing.

What does this all mean?  I have friends here from India, Pakistan, Africa, Asia, South America, Canada and the USA...We are so rich in culture that I pray my ignorance of other cultures is slowly diminishing.  And that I can truly say, is an achievement. 

So, what does this all mean?  We all had the same desire, same dream, same determination that guided our paths here.  People from different backgrounds and different religions but in the end we all want the same end result.  The satisfaction of completing our a goal.  How do people from different walks of life have seeds planted in them the desire to improve, the desire to grow, and the desire to seek after?  How do you learn to manifest the intangible and make it your reality?  What school do you go to for that?

What does it all mean?  Well, here is my take on it all.  We were created in the Image of our Creator endowed with inevitable rights to our Destiny. Our Destiny to create our world.  The Holy Scriptures says, "we are HIS workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works."  We all are destined before the foundation of this world to do good...To help each love each other...To live a happy, successful and fulfilled life.  Through exposure and life lessons, we will grow into our own, will we all come into the knowledge of the TRUTH.  How can I draw my brother or sister, if love does not reside geniunely in my heart for others that are not like me?  How can I truly and passionately medically help others if Im limited in my thinking and exposure to who they are as a people?  How can I help without a desire to LOVE. 

So, what does this mean?  It's all about LOVE...Love helping others that are not like you....Love yourself!....Love your family...Love the job you chose.  Love the life you live... Love accomplishing your goals...LOVE LIFE!

1 Cor 13:13, "and now abide faith, hope and love, these three; and the greatest of these is LOVE.
Much love to you all, as you continue on your journey...

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