Sunday, November 11, 2012

The END is NEAR!

OH MY GOSH....the end of the semester is near...I can not believe how fast this semester has flown by.  Last week we had a three day weekend and it was absolutely fabulous. Some friends and I went to Barbados...Afterwards we needed a vacation...LOL...None the less, it was well deserved..I also celebrated my birthday a bit early....Below is a picture I took from my hotel room...Absolutely breath taking...
So, Im desparately trying to find my focus to finish this semester strong.  I have been totally on relax mode...and this week we started the Cardiovascular module and it all seems like Greek to me...We are getting into the in depth pathophysiology of atherosclerosis, angina, acute mycardial infarction, reading ECGs (EKGs) and learning all the arrhthymias, plus pharmacological treatment...I'm looking for my grove in all of this...But, I know I have to put my time in to get the best results possible come examination time.  SO, I am making a commitment this day to FOCUS!  (easier said than done, right) 

Well, in times like these I have to go back over my whys.  Why am I here?  Why do I want to do this?  Why now?  Why not?  What's stopping...and the bottomline is I've come too far to let weariness, or lack of focus stop me.   I am here because I "decided" to go after a dream.  I am here because this  is a part of my destiny.  I am here because I want to be here....

So, as the end draws near, I am going to keep it moving and take it one lecture at a time.  Before you know it...I'll be on Christmas Break...Okay..Lets keep it moving...


  1. Hi, my name Kesha I like your blog. I am actually interested in attending medical school myself. I would like to ask you a few questions. How was the MCAT, and how was your first year of medical school?

  2. Congratulations !

    I am also a medical student in Romania and know hard is it to pass the exams.
    I'am 38 yrs old and with our Lord help will graduate in 2014.

    God bless you