Saturday, December 22, 2012

Your Door is OPEN!

The other day as I walked through my front door, I made sure I closed it behind me and I continued on with what I was doing.  Then minutes later I heard a noise, a bump...I dismissed it as the wind blowing outside and I continued on with what I was doing.  I later left what I was doing and walked into my living room to find that my front door was WIDE open.  I thought I had previously closed it but to my surprise it blew open from the heavy gust of winds outside.

And of course if you know me, I saw a message in this.  Sometimes you think doors have closed for you and perhaps may even feel you've done things to close the doors on things you are doing..But, the truth of the matter is as long as you know that DESTINY out weighs any circumstances that may occur, then you can expect your doors to your destiny to open for you...even when you thought they have been closed.   As many doors that are being manufactured in all the manufacturing companies around the world, that's the infinite amount of opportunities for you to walk through an open door. 

So, going through this wonderful journey called life expect closed doors to be open unexpectedly, expect the impossible things to be resolved in your favor, expect second and third chances...and EXPECT DESTINY TO APPEAR.

Now, most things come into our world through determination and a never give up attitude.  Just as the heavy winds thrust my front door open, expect the force you put behind your dreams, goals and new ideas to thrust your doors open.  And it's amazing that sometimes it may not take much force, just constant and steady persistance. 

Your DOOR IS what?

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  1. Congratulations ! I appreciate your effort. You are an example to be followed.