Monday, February 8, 2016

80 days and counting....

Right now I'm so excited...I received in the mail my cap and gown...I ordered it early...I want to have everything in place for my BIG DAY...Graduation 2016!
I have 80 more days of medical school left and I am on one of my most enjoyable rotations, Neurology. I was very nervous about Neurology
because it was very challenging subject for me during my didactics. So, before the rotation began, I pulled out Step up to Medicine and Step Up to CK to study up.
Not to mention, my preceptor is a Ivy league scholar. He graduated from John Hopkins School of Medicine and finished his residency in Neurology at Harvard University...and a fellowship at University of Miami. So, this guy is super smart right? Well, to my surprise he is one of the most down to earth preceptor I ever had.
I love his approach to teaching and instruction. He's very thought provoking and engaging. I find I excel in environments that foster positive learning
over humiliation and ridicule. I'm at ease and feel more engaged. I am glad I didn't let me hesitation of Neurology stop me from signing up for this
rotation...I always say things will work out...and to this date they have...GLORY TO GOD for that.

I'm approaching my last days of medical school and it is totally AWESOME...Many may not understand or comprehend the magnitude of this great accomplishment is for me. I'm a girl that grew up in South Central Los Angeles, first in family to graduate from college and NOW, I'm 80 days from becoming a Doctor of Medicine. I joke about how a spent a few semesters at Compton Community College, but, that goes to show you that it's not about where you are from it's about how far your dreams can take you... SO, DREAM BIG!

My Timeline:
In 35 days I will be getting an email from Match 2016 notifying me that I have matched into a residency program.
In 39 days, I will find out the name of the residency program I matched into...
In 80 days I will have completed all my requirements for earning my Doctor of Medicine degree, Graduation date of April 30, 2016!
In 103 days is my commencement ceremony...

The next 103 days are what I've been working so hard for the past 8 years...The initial dream of becoming a practicing doctor began June 2008...
and now I'm just days away...

No matter how long it takes, do not give up on your dream. Take one step at a time and before you know it, you will get there.
Now, go live your dreams!


  1. Hi,
    That sounds great; it's (almost) time to reap what you've sown, for all these years, so to speak. Keeping my fingers crossed evening will turn out just the way you want it. It's a true joy and inspiration to read your blog posts - just wish id found it sooner!

    /Another 40+ medical student that just started, hoping to be where you're now in about five years ��

  2. So happy for you!! I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel at this point after going through everything you have had to endure to get to this point. I wish you good health and happiness as you enter the next phase of your training to practice medicine.

  3. So happy for you. Know that you have been such an inspiration to me and so many others in our own endeavors. I just wish you could be my doctor. Congratulations!!!!