Friday, April 17, 2015

WE NEED MORE BABIES...I'm so emotional!

This past year of clinical clerkships have been very exciting for me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each clerkship.  But by far Obstetrics has been the most emotional.  Being able to share in the joy of child birth in a family, mother, father, grandparent is so rewarding.  I am so exciting that so many people are still having babies...LOL..I laugh at that because right now in my extended family we do not have any babies.  What a shame!  I think the youngest are at least 4 or 5 years of age...WE NEED MORE BABIES...Have we've gotten so busy in living that we have restricted our procreation to the bare minimum?  My paternal grandparents had 14 children.  My maternal grandparents had 11.  Where are the brave souls that are willing to compete with those numbers?  LOL...I had the pleasure to meet a 24 year old patient on her 6th child, she and her husband was overjoyed.  I love it!  WOW, I'm so emotional about this...

Going into Obstetrics, I never imagine the amount of miscarriages that occur and the pain that follows.  I am so emotional about this.  Yesterday, I scrubbed in on a 16 week inevitable miscarriage.  The fetus was in the vault and no heartbeat was detected.  Tears weld up in my eyes, as I was scrubbing in, when I heard how the grandmother fainted, the mother carrying the child cried, regretting this second tragedy only at age 28.  It was an emergency procedure and we were there to assist.  As the procedure proceeded, I could not believe the tragedy of this fetal demise.  I would only pray that one day, this young woman will be able to carry full-term and she and her husband will share in the joy of the fruits of their labor. 

The difficulties of conception is a fact in Obstetrics, this I know first hand, now...I only pray that whatever, my journey takes me that I will be able to bring consolation, healing and alternatives to my patients.  I am so emotional right now...

Where ever your journey leads you, be aware that you are touching lives.  You are building bridges...You can restore hope...You can offer alternatives...and in doing so, You are paving your road to GREATNES.  This the ART OF BEING....HUMAN, COMPASSIONATE, and/or really ALIVE!

Now, go live your dreams!

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  1. You are truly an amazing human being! Best of luck for you!