Sunday, March 8, 2015

I love the Babies...

OMG...I am half way through my Pediatrics clerkship and it has been so much fun. I think Pediatricians have the most fun through out their work day...Just imagine playing with babies all day. Goo GOO and ga ga ing all day long...singing the alphabet song...a real blast... At the end of the day, I am pooped. I was not really expecting this much fun...My attending is really great with the parents and babies. He has 2 thriving practices and is busy all day long... The challenge with this rotation as with Internal Medicine is finding the time to study. By the time you get home, you are too exhausted to pick up a book or do questions...I have been studying daily on some level... I just pray it's enough by March 30th when I take my shelf exam...I've developed a half way check point, I purchase a NBME assessment exam to gauge my comprehension. I did the exam today..and wasn't too ecstatic about my score. But, good news is I still have 3 weeks to improve before I take my shelf exam...I have work to I had never thought of a career as a Pediatrician prior to this rotation, but I can really see how rewarding it could be. It seems that every rotation I do, I like...What's a girl to do? I guess that's why Family Medicine is a sound choice for some... children and adults....I'm so tempted by them all...Decisions, Decisions.... Another 3 weeks of Pediatrics, then it's OB/GYN..."I don't know nothing bout birthing no babies." (for all you young heads that's a quote from the classic movie Gone with the Wind..LOL) As you move along your journey, count it all joy...when the opportunities are unfolding...God knows the way that you take.. Live the life you've dreamed of NOW!..You can do it!

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