Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rethinking My plan...

With much contemplation and consideration, I have decided to push Step 1 til end of May  or early June...I have been so busy with this semester...I am putting in 16 hr days and do not feel I am mastering what I need to master this semester...There are so many clinical tasks that I have to know and will be test on that I can not afford to forgo this semester trying to reach into the future....Coming into This Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine semester, we were told that studying for Step 1 would be a huge challenge and it is not recommended.  But, I thought I could do it...I want to do it...I need to do it....Well, Step 1 is the most important exam I will ever take in my Medical career..It is the score that will get me through the door...So, I can't count my chickens before they hatch....Right? So, I am going to slow my roll and pace myself to make sure I master the concepts I need to do exceptionally well on the exam....Step 1 exam can not be rushed....So, first things first....Finish this semester strong...

I have put all my energies into studying for Step, now I have to play catch up with my assignments that are in front of me....I have a physical exam competency (165 things to do within 45 mins) hoovering over me, a final OSCE exam (Observed Structured Clinical Exam), and my comprehensive final written exam...Not to mention class time....So, I better switch gears.....I just had my midterm on Monday and I believe it went well...I have not received the results yet....

Back in December, I said I was going to study diligently over Christmas break and take Step before this semester started..Well, the studying diligently part did not happen...LOL....I missed my window of taking Step before this semester started....As a wise saying goes."Nothing before the time."  Although I want to start this new assignment on May 19th...It's not going to happen....I am going to trust that I'm on schedule, in the right place and all things are working for my good....I know that my steps are ordered by GOD....

Psalm 37:23-25, NKJ "The steps of a good man is ordered by God, and he delights in his way...Though he fall, he shall not utterly be cast down: for the Lord uphold him with His Hand...I've been young and now I am old; yet, I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread."

So, with that said.....Rethinking your plan can be frustrating at times, trying to make sure all the pieces of the puzzles fit, but this we all should keep in mind,  that the Universe is filled with opportunities and filled with provision...Your future is bright...There is greatness in your future....So, if by chance a curve has been thrown into your plans...fear not...there is another way.  The Universe is so dynamic and has unlimited options and resources available to you, if only you open your eyes to see.  

The limits and constrains we impose on ourselves are sometimes unfair to the cultivation of the splendor that resides within...So, let's plan our future with great expectations, but when the plan need rearranging, fear not...this is yet another opportunity to see the splendor of GOD's work manifesting in your life...Selah

It's the first day of SPRING! Enjoy the day!

Now, go live your dream!


  1. Hello,
    I don't normally comment on blogs and forums but I must say that your story and deep belief in faith is inspirational. I was compelled to thank you for this blog. I am currently a pre-med and life has thrown some curve-balls at me, however, with that being said i don't believe I stumbled onto your blog just by happenstance. I will keep you in my prayers as you continue your journey. Good luck!!

  2. Yes blessings in your journey! Your amazing faith will see you through and to be a conqueror.