Thursday, May 9, 2013

I will NOT give up, It's not over!

It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted a blog, an expression in quite some time, now...SO, I thought I express to you an inbreed, innate part of my being......

No matter how tired I may get and can't see what tomorrow brings...I will not give up! No matter how drained I may feel, I will NOT GIVE UP! ...."IT'S NOT OVER....UNTIL GOD SAYS SO...."

Though I have been silent in this arena...I have not been silent in my life...I have regained my strength, my determination is burning more than ever..My energy is high...Im working out and eating healthier and I am focused...and you can best believe....IT"S NOT OVER FOR ME....

I am going to kill this semester without a doubt...GOD is SO GOOD TO ME....So, know this, just because I may be silent in this believe...I'M LIVING MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST...IM REACHING  MY DREAMS and GOALS! I'M LIVING MY DESTINY...IM not giving up..because GOD has not given up on me...SELAH...

It's not over...I've always what you must to keep you on your path of greatness...push with all you've got...when you get tired of pushing, rest awhile, then get back to pushing...IM PUSHING!

May GOD continue to bless you ALL is my prayer!


  1. Hi. I've been a reader of your blog and am presently busy with my 40 year old medical student goal. I was thrown for a curve (have to sit out a semester because of no funds), and forgot about your blog (which I draw a lot of strength and inspiration from). So I was pleasantly surprised to see your post this morning. I am thinking that it is important to keep working, keep striving, because when immediate support is not available, people - like you - are still doing the right thing. I am too.

  2. No worries...All things are working together for your good...Take this time to savor the flavors of life..enjoy your break..enjoy your family..enjoy your life...delays are not denials...So no worries..LIFE is Better than GOOOD..Enjoy...

  3. i was glad to find this blog because i also am planning to go to med school in my 30s. felt scared and stupid as I announced my plan to my family and friends, no one, I mean, NO ONE said anything cheerful and supportive to me. they were all " you are crazy". though I failed to get an admission from med schools last year, I am trying again this year. hope things go well this time.
    wish i could read more of your stories here!! thanks!

  4. Herm, I commend you. I have not, as of yet, told my family. I've been stringing them along with nursing school, thinking that I would have found a most excellent way of telling them.

    I enjoy this blog. Thanks for publishing.