Friday, April 6, 2012

Doctor of Medicine Degree

One of my fellow classmates posted this on her wall:
M.D. has been chosen as the toughest degree among all including Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Juris doctor, among others by the Guinnes book of world records on May 18th 2011. It has 64+ university exams, 130+ series exams, 174+ assignments, 12+ standarized tests, 4 board exams, and more than 1000 studying hours per year. Post this if you are proud to be a Doctor/Medical Student.
So, I thought this would be a great subject to blog about.  I went to the Guiness book of world records to verify this statement and to my surprise there's no such category or record listed.  However, I thought the idea was quite interesting and seemeed all so real to us medical students.  We would like to believe that this mind challenging, focus driven curriculum was amongst the top in the world.  It just has to be..LOL...I couldn't imagine any thing more painful...LOL...It has to be the most difficult degree to obtain.  And for me I would say it is.  However, IT'S DOABLE.
Medical school is a REAL commitment that should not be taken lightly.  Don't get me wrong the information Im learning is very interesting and I'm really digging it.  But, the feelings of exhaustion are real.  So, what I've learned to do is to take naps, whenever I need them.  Sometimes that's twice a day.  I've been exercising for the past three weeks to build my stamina and endurance.  Also, to relieve some stress.   
There is light at the end of the tunnel and for us it's call the end of the semester break.  We thoroughly look forward to those 15 - 19 days off  from studying and just enjoying the sunshine, spending time with our family and friends.  This break I decided that we should do something different.  So, I book a 10 day trip: 2 days in Puerto Rico, then we set sails on a 7 day cruise.  It's going to be heaven on earth.  I can barely keep focused on my mini exam, practicals and final for dreaming about the cruise. 
Within the last two days, I had three practicals.  On Monday,  I have  my mini 3 exam..then in one week from then my final.. That is insane right?  See, why we, med students, would love to believe that this is the toughest degree on the planet.  Well, besides all the hard work, we have to remember why we are here.  What is our driving force?  Why here? Why Now? If not Now then When?  And every answer leads to this is our DESTINY and we will do whatever it takes to obtain IT.
So, perhaps it is or is not the toughest degree to obtain according the the Guiness book of World Records, one thing is for sure...Im glad Im following my dream...
What about you?  Are you following your dream? or Have you been deterred from it, becuase of the challenges it possess? 
Rememeber for every sacrifice there is an equal or greater reward...
Now, go live your dream...


  1. I. Love. You. Your blog is the reason why I am going to push on into a career in medicine. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  2. Thank you .....Keep pushing...keep dreaming and it will manifest..Best wishes on your journey...

  3. I really thought it was true when you said that. No joke :/ Why I did medicine was the first post I've got on my blog and it was massive. But simply even with all the work it's the best thing ever, which I think you totally agree with. Good luck to both of us with the upcoming exams :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this part of your life! I'm so glad I found this blog. I've given up twice and was about to again. FEAR( false expectations appearing real) almost won again. Not this time! I'm pushing on and moving forward. Thank you!