Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What do you see?

It's funny today I posted the picture below on my facebook page and people who have been to my place stated they never noticed how beautiful it really was until I posted the picture.  Isn't that true in  life; Life is how you see it, what you make it and how you preceive it? And just as you see it, that's how its going to be.  Your perception will become your reality.  What do you see?

One thing I've been working hard on this semester, is making sure my perceptions are lining up with what I want my reality to be.  I've been listening to an ol' legend lately named Rev. Ike.  Rev. Ike for those of you that are not familiar with him, he was a minister back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s that was a prophet before his time.  And what I mean by this is, he spoke of prosperty, equality and freedom when most African Americans in the US were oppressed and suppressed by racism and discrimination.  But, Rev. Ike message was always to push pass the hatred of man and see the GOD in you and make THAT your reality.  He encouraged his followers to daily practice visualization. In other words, as The Scripture says, whatsoever a man thinks, so is he...So is his life, so is his lifestyle.  So, I'm asking you, what do you see? 

What are you focusing on?  The trials of life or the strength gained from endurance.  The rain pouring down or the rainbow that complements the rain.  The darkness of night or the stars that shine in darkness.  There is beauty all around us, but we must train our eyes to see it or we will just look at tree as a tree and never realize the shade it provides for our comfort or the leaves it possess that provide a breeze in the heat of day.   

Stop and look around you, right now. What do you see? Do you see a place that's warming and inviting, do you see order and excellence, do you see the sun shining just right, do you feel the breeze on your face?  Do you like the paint color on your walls?  What about that picture on the wall, what message is it sending you?  I see a delightful atmosphere, the colors on my walls are warm and inviting, the feeling I get walking through my door is of sheer peace.  Or if Im walking out my front door....Im in paradise.  

If you are not getting feelings from your environment that are uplifting, inviting or peaceful, do what you must to change it.  Life is too short to live a dreary existence when there are so many ways to bring joy and peace into your life.

What do you see?  If what you are doing or seeing around you is not conducive to you living your dreams and accomplishing your goals..Change it..and I mean quickly....

Now, Go live your Dreams...
I see my world  full of love, beauty and peace...


  1. That is a beautiful sight! I usually frequent Value MD, some students from that school complain about the island, but by looking at that photo, how can anyone complain!

  2. People will complain about utopia being too perfect or ice being too cold...Disregard unwarranted complaints....Life is as you see it...

  3. Another inspirational entry. May I ask where your apartment is and how close it is to the grocery and school?

  4. Im off of lizard trail..witin 3 min of school and grocery store...SWEEET...

  5. That is an absolutely beautiful place. It's not nearly so green up here in Canada.

  6. I am a 34 South African and thinking about medical school next year. I am busy with applications right now..