Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guilty was the final verdict...

After years of speculations, as to the culprit of the Micheal Jackson's death, yesterday Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  I did not know Dr. Murray personally; however, I have a brief insight to what it took for him to become a doctor and a cardiologist specialist at that. WOW... Dr. Murray without a doubt had to be a man of great intelligence and perservance.  A man focused and dedicated to living out his dream of practicing medicine in several states.  I know this just from the initials he has at the end of his name.  It's a ashame that all his years of hard work and sacrifice have been ruined from one slip of judgement or lapse of moral character.

I know he must have been excited when he was approached to become the King of Pop's personal doctor for a whopping $150,000 per month.  Now, that would excite a dead person...LOL....Think about it, one patient and he will make $1.8 million a year.  Wow. But, there was a deeper problem that was affecting Dr. Murrary.  Im sure he was well capable of taking care of Michael with the best of care.  The man had been practicing for years.  What I think really caught up with him was his flawed character.

I always tell my sons that character and integrity are two of the most valuable traits you can possess.  Your looks, gifts and talents may get you in the door, but your character and integrity will keep you in the door.  These are traits I work on with my eight year son.  I want my sons to understand the importance of being trusted in life, the importance of being men of their word, even to their own hurt.  It's a wonderful thing when a person can trust your word without second guessing or extreme doubt.  I have even gone as far to make them look up the words: trusthworthy, trust, write standards, etc.  So, when I see actions that are contrary to me trusting them I address it immediately.  Alot of time with me, it's not the actual deed that was done, it's that fact that I had more trust in them not to do something that they knew was inappropriate. Take for instance, my oldest son a few years ago totaled out my car and I was angry.  Not to the fact that he had an accident, that's why we have insurance.  But, it was the fact that he had several teenagers in the car with him when he was not suppose to, his license had a 6 months restriction..But, he had three other teenagers in the car with him.  So, after going over with him the important of following the rules and having trust, I think he got the point.

Although most people have been hurt and scared so in life that they have built up walls and feel that don't need anyone.  But the truth of the matter is, we do.  We need each other.  I need people around me that I can trust.  That I do not have to second guess, when it really comes down to the nitty gritty.  Im not talking about a school house mentality on this.  Im talking about real world circumstance, that may arrive, that is between life or death, or even after death.  Will you do what you promised/agreed to even when they are not around or has passed on?  I believe I'm that kind of person.  I know Im that kind of person.  (R.I.P Donald Busch)

So, as I make my transition to becoming a trustworthy doctor, I only pray that my years of decision making: some good and some not so good, will lead and guide me when life threatening decisions arise, I am able to make the right decision concerning my patient, my life and my future as a practicing physician. 

I believe there was a moral flaw in Dr. Murray that was never addressed and dealt with.  It's human to be flawed, but the tradegy is when we do nothing to overcome  them.  There is an innate part of our soul that desires to do good, be good and have what is good.  I truly believe this, but somewhere along the way confusion sat in and less people are seeking to be self aware.  So, our jobs as adults, as teachers, as parents, and future doctors is to seek after that which brings only good in our lives and pursuit it with a passion. 

I was just discussing with my mother the art of making wise choices and decisions.  Early in my life I decided that I did not want to go the path of struggle, pain, and sadness.  I wanted and have traveled the path of least resistance.  Do not confuse the bumps in my path as insignificant, because every bump and every twist has brought me closer to myself.  I'm aware of who I am and what I'm able to accomplish.  My outlook on life is not dictated by the bumps in my path, but the way I have decided (I made a decision), to view them.

So, let's not reflect on Dr. Murray's indiscretions, only pray that his bumps and twist has lead him to a self awareness of his greatness.   He didn't need all the woman, to make himself great...and the sad part about all of that was...HE WAS ALREADY GREAT....Pray for his soul to be saved and delivered from whatever is clouding his judgement.  I know he has it in him to make better decisions than those he made as a caretaker for MJ.  I only pray that in the end....he will come to see clearly....

We all have greatness inside us.  We all have the ability to make decisions that are going to bring good into our lives.  The key to bringing good into your life is to make a lot small decisions early on and learn from them.  Look at your success rate in them.  Change what need to be changed, so you can make better decisions.  It's never too late.  Pray and ask GOD to lead you in the right path.  Follow PEACE.... So, when the BIG DECISION present itself to you, you have the courage, the know how and the will to make the right choice....then GOOD will follow.

Have mercy on us all, as we continue to follow that which is good for our lives. 
GO live your dream!

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